Snoozefest Yesterday, Spankfest Tonight

We were supposed to be leaving tomorrow for a camping trip. I have to admit, I was not looking forward to driving seven hours, setting up the camper, driving around sightseeing, taking down the camper five days later, and driving seven hours home; plus, worrying about the virus. The camper seemed to be on my side this time. The satellite dish decided to act stupid. Our tire pressure monitor died. And Lion thought we were leaving Thursday rather than Wednesday. It was a comedy of errors. We’ve pushed the trip off for a month. By then, hopefully, the virus will have calmed down and we’ll be better prepared.

hard rubber spanking paddle
My rubber spanking paddle. This is a nice wide-faced paddle that Lion hates. 🙂

Lion wanted a maintenance spanking last night. My test of the husband beater the other night didn’t count. He wanted a “real” spanking. His theory is that neither of us will get out of practice if we do maintenance spankings. Ordinarily, Lion isn’t so well-behaved. He earns spankings frequently enough that we don’t forget the feeling. Sometimes, he’s on his best behavior and we need a reminder.

After I finished the dinner dishes, he was snoozing away. I sat down to wait for him to wake up. He’d stir and make a comment about the TV and then snooze again. By the time he woke up for good, it was around nine o’clock. I thought that was a little too late to start any type of festivity. It’s not a problem at all. I’d rather have him get the sleep he needs than force him to play. The maintenance spanking will happen tonight.

I’m not sure if I’ll do a normal spanking or if I’ll go for 300 swats. Lion remembered those 300 swats as being some of the only times I’ve left a lasting mark on him. I should hope so! Three hundred swats is a lot. I’d think there’d be some bruising even if I wasn’t trying to do it. I’d have to hit the same spots over and over. His butt isn’t big enough to spread out too much. And I’d be focusing the swats on the sit spot for maximum effect anyway.

I found quite a few members of my spanking arsenal recently, but I’m not sure if I want to use them or the same old, same old paddles. I’m not necessarily going for bruising. I think I just want a nice, wide-headed paddle to distribute the love over a greater area. Normally, that won’t bring a bruise but, as I said, it’s probably inevitable if I hit the same spots repeatedly during 300 swats. And that’s assuming I do the 300 swats. I guess I’ll have to see how it goes. If I start counting, I can always revert back to a normal spanking if he seems too bloody too early. It really does depend on his response to the whole thing. His butt may be hard to mark but it’s easy to make bleed.

[Lion — I’ll put skin lotion on my butt after my shower.]

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