Delay of Game

Last night I brought out the Box O’Fun and asked Lion if he wanted to play. He said he did and chose ball bondage. Then he asked if we could put it off a day. I agreed. It may seem odd that I agree to delay things. I do this because I don’t think it makes any sense to play with Lion when he doesn’t want to play. Punishment should go on, but play is voluntary.

What I found odd is Lion wanting to delay ball bondage. He likes being tied up. I wonder if he would have wanted to play if he chose something different. You’ll remember he wanted to pick again when he chose a coconut oil hand job the other day. Does he have his mind set on one thing and, when he doesn’t choose it, he doesn’t want to continue? Am I giving him too much of a say in it? Or should I flat out ask him what he’d rather do?

The purpose of the Box O’Fun is to avoid inertia. It would be too easy for us to say, “I don’t care. What do you want to do?” to each other and be stuck doing nothing. I bring out the box and ask if he wants to choose so he can decide if he’s up for playing. To me, this is reasonable. I can decide I don’t want to play by not bringing out the box. Until we started using the box, Lion had no way of telling me he wasn’t in the mood. However, what if he has his heart set on just having a blow job? No ball swats or clothespins. Just a blow job. The box does not offer that option. What if he chose Icy Hot but what he really wants is ball bondage? Should he be able to put off the Icy Hot and ask for ball bondage instead? Eventually he’d have to have the Icy Hot because he chose it, but does that mean he shouldn’t get any action at all?

As it is right now, if Lion doesn’t choose from the Box O’Fun or if he asks to put off the activity, nothing else happens. I guess I’ve been assuming if he isn’t in the mood for whatever he chose, it means he’s not in the mood for anything. Couldn’t he say, “I don’t want to choose, but can we snuggle?” I think so. And I’m leaning toward allowing him to suggest an alternative choice. We’d still be avoiding inertia and isn’t that the point?