Lioness 2.0 Lives Here

Mrs. Lion wore a rubber glove and rubbed the Icy Hot cream into my balls. This new, roll-on would spare her the inconvenience of putting on a glove. Reapplication is easier too.

Wednesday night was the inaugural drawing from Mrs. Lion’s Box O’ Fun. As she wrote yesterday, I cut some index cards into quarters and then she wrote various “play” activities on each piece. We had tried this a couple of years ago.

My first selection (picked at random since I couldn’t see into the box) was “Icy Hot”. Mrs. Lion dutifully put a thick stripe from my anus to the top of my balls.

The burning started almost immediately. When it started simmering down, Mrs. Lion took a tissue and moved it around, thus exposing fresh Icy Hot to my burning skin. After almost a half hour, the burning simmered to slightly painful heat. I really hate racing stripes she likes to paint on my balls.

Much later, after an unsuccessful attempt to edge me, I asked Mrs. Lion if there were any cards for things I like. She said,

“Sure. There’s a spanking card and a ball bondage card. You like them, right?”

Well that wasn’t exactly what I meant. I was thinking of “Blowjob to orgasm.” Things like that. Nope. Apparently it’s not that kind of lottery. In fairness, it turns me on to have to pick a card I know will end up hurting. It’s a BDSM dream. I hope the lottery can become a regular part of our routine. I just hope I can stay away from other “racing stripe” applications. The Icy Hot is actually the mildest of the collection she has.

I’m not looking forward to picking the tiny dollhouse clothespin card. Mrs. Lion puts two or more on the head of my penis. It’s incredibly painful. I know that sooner or later I will pick that card and 2.0 will do this to me and smile as she watches me react as she slowly puts them on, then after a while, removes them. I’m not sure whether it hurts more when the are put on or taken off.

Mrs. Lion is truly 2.0. The Super Bowl spanking game was played with full-force, punishment-grade swats. Lioness 1.0 would have been gentle because it was a game. I respect the way 2.0 played. It made the game more fun and meaningful to me. Similarly, 1.0 would have applied a small amount of Icy Hot and may have even offered to wash it off when she saw how much I was hurting. 2.0 put it on thick and then moved it around to extend my discomfort.

I certainly hate this intensity while I am suffering, but I respect 2.0’s desire to make things “real” for me. It’s exactly what I want. Her intensity is the fuel of arousing dreams. Mrs. Lion has turned the corner. It’s amazing. I know she was very aware of how much I was hurting on both Sunday and Wednesday nights. Her face was impassive both times. Her expression was mildly amused.

Since cards don’t get returned to the box until all get used, I am guaranteed to suffer every single, painful item she has added to the box. She is free to add new cards that either repeat existing play or new ones that occur to her along the way. She has an absolute guarantee that I will experience every single activity. I sure hope one or more is a nice blowjob.


  1. Author

    oh Boy glad you are enjoying Her pleasure,
    i believe you are going to have to keep hoping for nice cards after all they may be added

    1. Author

      Thanks. I get aroused when I wonder what I will pick next. If it’s nasty, I have no one to blame but myself. After all, I picked it!

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