Mrs. Lion’s Tools Of The Trade

Mrs. Lion was in our pantry unpacking one of the boxes left over from our move. I heard her declare happily, “I just found some more paddles.” Oh, joy! She didn’t elaborate further. Just what we need, more devices to make me yelp.

I did buy almost all of the paddles, so I can’t complain about Mrs. Lion discovering them. It’s just that I am less of a connoisseur than I was when spanking was a fun, BDSM activity. Nowadays, spanking is for punishment.

I still like spanking; at least I like thinking about being spanked. It turns me on. I also like finding new implements like the spanking “carpet beater” that is due to arrive tomorrow. It’s fun to think about it being used on me. It is absolutely no fun when it eventually finds its way to my bottom.

For some reason, I have a problem connecting my appreciation of spanking in the abstract with what really happens to me when I break a rule or annoy Mrs. Lion. This is especially odd since I have been getting punishment spankings since 2015. Even odder is the fact that even when we exclusively did play spankings, I couldn’t feel the difference between many of the paddles.

I bought most of these implements when I was a top. It was entertaining to discover which paddle produced the loudest screams from my partner. Truth be told, most of them were equally effective. As a top, I enjoyed thinking about using each new paddle.

I suppose this interest in spanking hardware is more of a fetish than a need for a complete tool kit. Mrs. Lion does switch between paddles now and then. It’s rare that she will use more than just one during a single punishment session. I think that will probably change. She has mentioned using different implements for varied results. She is working on finding one that will reliably bruise me. The bruises tend to hurt me for a couple of days after I am spanked. We both agree that spanking is much more educational if it hurts to sit for at least two or three days.

Mrs. Lion is still perfecting her technique. We’ve both tracked her progress in posts over the years. She is perfectly able to make me very unhappy to be lying over the edge of the bed being paddled. The one remaining challenge is producing that lasting reminder of my offense.

So far, even very powerful swats with her paddle doesn’t seem to do the trick. This is probably a function of my particular anatomy. I know that I can be bruised on demand. At least one spanker at an event announced after a thorough paddling that she would now give me some souvenirs. She then gave me three hard swats with a different tool. Sure enough, three painful bruises appeared.

The swats that produced them didn’t feel any worse than the non-bruising spanking that came before. I think she switched to a toy with a small striking surface and a lot of heft.

Mrs. Lion now has a combination of new toys and newly-discovered old toys to try next time she spanks me. She hasn’t asked me for advice so I will refrain from suggesting what is most likely to do the job.

In the past, when she was doing her spanking experiments, just using one of her paddles, she managed to bruise me and make sitting hurt for three days after the spanking. Those experiments were always at least 300 swats long. Mrs. Lion was trying different approaches. I was learning to stay in place.

She learned to adjust her intensity just to the edge of me trying to escape. Over time, she was able to hit harder as I learned to better stay put.

These experiments took place over several days a week. Perhaps the frequency “tenderized” me at the same time I learned to accept more. That could be part of it as well.

I agree with her and with the DWC that an effective spanking hurts for days. Maybe Mrs. Lion needs to resume her experiments.


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