It’s Monday/Tuesday

A walk through Costco and the grocery store, mowing the lawn, and spraying for weeds killed my legs yesterday. Specifically, the ball of my left foot is very annoyed with me. It feels like an issue with the joint itself so it only hurts when I move it. So don’t move it!

I’m at work today and tomorrow, covering for someone who’s on vacation. I also found out that my coworker has apparently been whining to the big boss about getting more work to do. She’s bored. Naturally, they’ve decided she’ll get my work and I’ll take all of the crap work while I’m home. Perfect! I guess I’ll stage a slow down strike. Eventually she’ll figure out she can’t do all my work plus her own.

Since I was wiped out, Lion said we could take the night off from the Box O’Fun. He was tired and was snoozing off and on anyway. We watched TV and I tried not to flex my foot. I’m notorious for moving body parts that hurt. Somehow I figure it will get better with more attention. Keep the blood flowing. I doubt it works but it annoys me when something hurts.

This is the “rug beater” Lion ordered. It is only 6-inches across. Instead of rattan, it is made from stranded steel wire rope covered with pink cloth. This will certainly leave bruises.

Lion told me he bought me something the other day and that he was stupid for doing it. He kept the secret for about a day before he told me he got a more usable rug beater. I don’t know if he’ll launch into a quest for a collection of rug beaters, but I was happy with the one I bought even though it’s not very useful. One or two cracks across an already sore ass will do the trick with the enormous one. At least, I think it will.

Lion has been very good at remembering the coffee pot and punishment days. The other day I was sure I had him with the coffee pot, but he snuck into the kitchen before I woke up and put it together. He laughed at me when I “caught” him. He saved his buns that time. I’m in no hurry to test out the rug beater. I’m actually pretty proud of him for remembering things for so long. (And now I’ve jinxed him.)

Tonight we’ll pick up with the Box O’Fun. He’s already chosen Icy Hot and the tiny clothespins. I think the only evil thing left is Velcro. The rest aren’t that bad. He really likes some of them. I’ve also been pretty forgiving when he picks something he doesn’t want to do. I figure as long as we’re doing something, we’re good. It’s inertia that kills us. [Lion — There is still a card for the “blue” gel, another ball burner!]

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