Damn NFL draft! I hadn’t counted on it foiling my plans for Zapardy! I have no idea how many rounds there are nor how many will be televised. It’s quite possible we’ll have to wait till Monday to play our game.

In the meantime, I am currently warming the wax so I can de-fur Lion. He’s been hinting for a week or so that he needs it done. I’ve also noticed the hair on the base of his penis giving me a mustache when I do a blow job. It doesn’t really bother me but it’s a sure sign he needs to be waxed. I’m thinking I’ll do the front today and the flipside tomorrow. I’ll see how ambitious I am before I decide on his legs. I can certainly do from his upper thighs to his neck, minus his arms of course. Depending on my energy level, I can do his legs when I do his back since, thankfully, there’s less hair there.

Just because we didn’t play Zapardy! doesn’t mean Lion didn’t have fun. Actually, he had his fun before Zapardy! was even supposed to be on. I think it’s fortuitous that Lion has somewhat lost interest in handjobs and I’ve found them more difficult to administer than blow jobs. Last year, if you recall, I wanted to bring the number of oral orgasms even with handjob orgasms. I failed miserably. I’m not sure what the numbers are this year but I’d guess I’m closer to 50-50, if not favoring oral. [Lion — So far this year Mrs. Lion has made me come with 5 handjobs and 8 blow jobs!]

We didn’t “play” in Lion’s sense of the word. I might have playfully pinched at his nipples, but I didn’t linger. I simply told him I needed him across the bed and he complied. It would be very silly of him not to comply. I was offering his favorite activity.

I knew we were up there in terms of days since his previous orgasm, but I wasn’t sure if it was day thirteen or fourteen. I wasn’t even sure I was going to give him an orgasm. He’d said he wasn’t sure how he felt about getting one. At least that’s what I read. He was playing semantics with me while I was playing with his nipples. He said he knew exactly how he felt about it. Well, I knew exactly how he’d feel about it in a few minutes. If all went well, he’d be desperate for one.

He said I got him “dangerously close” to an orgasm when I edged him. I knew it was close but if I went too far I wouldn’t have let it be a ruined orgasm. I would have finished him off. It’s rarely fun to let it be ruined. As it turned out, it wasn’t ruined at all. He had a very nice orgasm and I was rewarded with very nice cum. He says it makes sense there would be more because it had been a long time between orgasms. I say there was a lot because of my skillful ministrations. I have no idea which of us is right. It’s possible it has nothing to do with either.

At any rate, Lion is a happy boy and he’ll be even happier after he gets waxed. I think he can stifle his disappointment at missing out on Zapardy! for a few days.

[Lion — Zapardy is a game we play while watching “Jeopardy” on TV. I answer questions along with the contestants. If I get one wrong, Mrs. Lion zaps me with the doggy shock collar. Nothing happened if I get one right.]


  1. I firmly believe that lots of edging before orgasm will result in far more copious quantities of semen! Of course not ejaculating for a few days does allow things to build up! So perhaps you are both correct!

    1. I agree with you. We haven’t had that result most of the time. I was delighted we did when I came this time.

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