When it comes to spanking, I’ve discovered that almost all of our paddles feel pretty much the same. Mrs. Lion likes to switch out I supposed to give me more variety. The truth is that I can’t tell the difference. Actually, that’s a good thing. She is a very good spanker. She knows how to make each stroke count. The more effective her swats, the less perceived difference I feel. That means that from my end of the paddle, it doesn’t make much difference what she selects when she chooses to swat my bottom. Invariably I will end up yelping and there is probably going to be some blood.

That’s something else I can’t understand. I have no idea why I bleed when I’m spanked. There is no visible sore. Just some blood appears. Mrs. Lion has learned to disregard this and continue her work until she feels I’ve had enough. Her idea of enough and mine is always different.

When it comes to sex, there seem to be just two choices: a hand job or a blow job. Sometimes Mrs. Lion uses coconut oil or another lube to add some variety to a handjob, but that’s pretty much it. Because she’s not currently interested in sex for herself, things are fairly standard and routine. I suspect she’s getting bored. I think I am too. This may be one reason why I’m less interested in getting off. It’s been two weeks (I’m writing this on Friday afternoon) and I’m not particularly desperate to get off.

I realize that in the spanking department it doesn’t matter whether I get variety or not. The purpose is to send the message to me. Mrs. Lion does this very effectively. I’m not sure that we have more than two possible reasons for sex: edge me or give me an orgasm. Are there any other possibilities? There have to be.

It’s been at least a year since we’ve played any games. I always liked them. I’m not sure why Mrs. Lion stopped wanting to play.

Even though we’re home together 24 hours a day, we don’t interact all that much. When we’re in the bedroom together, Mrs. Lion is busy playing on her iPad. I watch TV. We don’t really talk. When we’re not in the bedroom, we are at our individual desks doing things on our computers. I’m starting to think something’s wrong. There are lots of non-sexual things we could do. Certainly, there are a lot of fun sexy things too.

Clearly, this is something we have to talk about.