Mrs. Lion, Auto Mechanic

It’s already at 1 pm. We got up late and then we wasted the morning watching TV. Lion would like me to unpack more of the house this weekend. He’d also like me to play with him earlier than usual. And I have to replace the broken side mirror on my truck. Last year’s snow had me sliding back down the driveway, into a tree which knocked the mirror backwards. Since then the foldability of my folding mirror was no more. I could live with that, but when we dropped the camper off last weekend, the mirror decided it would much rather fold in than stay out. As you can imagine, a folded-in mirror is pretty useless. With the camper on the cusp of being all fixed, there’s a definite time constraint on replacing the said mirror.

If I had to rank the list of things that need to be done in order of importance, I would say the mirror definitely comes first. In the overall scheme of things, it makes more sense to unpack more of the house. But that leaves Lion at the bottom of the list. That can’t be right. Naturally, Lion can have attention on both days. The mirror appears to be fairly easy. I estimate about a half-hour of work, with a possibility of the equivalent amount of frustration when things don’t go as smoothly as they should. That leaves plenty of time for Lion fun. The wild card is the weather. It’s sunny. It’s rainy. It’s sunny. It’s rainy.

I had a headache last night so I feel a little guilty about not giving Lion attention then. He said he was somewhat frisky. There wasn’t much I could do. My head was being squeezed. I’ll make it up to him both today and tomorrow. I’m not sure how early the festivities will begin but it will be well before 9 and it will involve more than just a hand job or blow job.