More Than Naked

Naked man wearing chastity device
I like how I look without body hair.

Fortunately for us, we live in a sparsely populated part of the world. Our house is small-but-adequate for the two of us. It’s far enough from our neighbors so that they can’t hear my yelping when Mrs. Lion spanks me. It’s also fortunate that we are reasonably isolated in view of the concern about this new virus. It may or may not be more deadly than any other flu, but we don’t have any built-in protection from it. This makes it particularly dangerous to people with vulnerable immune systems. As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, we are potentially vulnerable. She more than me because she works in the place where members of the public come in and out. I work from home and don’t have to go out often at all.

In fact, last week, I only had clothes on twice. Both times it was only for an hour or two. That’s not completely true. I wear a T-shirt during the day most times. Mrs. Lion made this rule a long time ago. I guess I am an enforced nudist. I’ve been this way for the last 15 years. It’s just part of me now. We probably spend more money on gas and electricity keeping the temperature high enough for me to exist comfortably. However, I save a lot of money on clothing. [Mrs. Lion — Actually, Lion asked if he should have a rule that he’s naked when at home. I said that was fine. Like many of our rules, he suggests and I usually agree.]

Maybe because most of the time I see myself naked, I decided I like the way I look without body hair. I’m not quite sure when I started losing my pubic hair. I believe that was at least 25 years ago. That hair removal began because my partner at the time didn’t like pubic hair. She had barely any and didn’t like what I had. One day she tied me down and removed it. She wanted to shave under my arms as well but I begged her not to. Later, she shaved my rear end as well. I had no problem with that since I can’t see it.

A year or two ago I shaved my chest and pits. I liked the look. I kept myself shaved for a while. At the time, Mrs. Lion had begun waxing me. She gave me Brazilian waxes regularly. Waxing is ideal for removing pubic hair. We tried everything else with some success and a lot of pain. Waxing keeps me fairly clear of hair for at least a month. It doesn’t hurt me. I asked Mrs. Lion to extend the waxing to my chest and pits. She also did my back and shoulders.

I never liked the artificial-looking border between my thigh hair and my Brazilian area. I asked her to wax further down. She ended up taking all the hair off my legs. I really like how that looks. Unfortunately, she hates waxing my legs. I offered to go to a waxing parlor for them. I can’t do that now; it’s too dangerous. I think it might be easier to do if we don’t wait too long between waxings. The hair grows back finer, and more slowly. If she catches it early enough, it should go very quickly.

The 21st century has caught up with me. It’s very common for men to remove body hair. It almost looks a little odd to see men who don’t. I’m proud of myself for being a trendsetter.

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  1. I shave daily. Pubic area and chest. My armpits I do every few days. It is surprisingly quick to do. But the stubble is annoying so it can’t be missed.

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