Passively Speaking

There are surprisingly few differences between the way we live in our self-imposed quarantine from the COVID-19 and the way we live when we can travel freely. A good part of the reason is that we aren’t very social critters. We tend to keep to ourselves except at work. Since I work from home, I’m just plain solitary.

The one thing we haven’t figured out, you would think would be the easiest: when and how to do sexual/BDSM things. Since there is no pressure to meet any particular schedule, I think it would be pretty simple for Mrs. Lion to just set aside a little time for fun and games. The opposite seems to be true. Something appears to be in the way almost all the time. We’ve had less activity in the last week then we have even in the busiest of times when we could go out.

I can’t figure it out. I’ve mentioned, hinted that it would be nice to do something. Mrs. Lion hasn’t risen to the bait. The other day when I forgot to set up the coffee pot she was very good about promptly spanking me. I’m very grateful for that. Consistent discipline works best for me. Less important, of course, consistent sexual activity also works very well for me. The reason it does isn’t that I’m greedy for sexual stimulation; well, I am greedy for that. The real reason is that it keeps the right hormones flowing.

Sexual activity, like any other regular part of life, benefits from routine. I don’t mean that at the same time every day Mrs. Lion masturbates me. I mean that at varying times different things happen. The reason this is useful as opposed to just pleasant is that it provides us both with a very exciting and intimate form of connection. It prevents us from withdrawing too much into ourselves. Mrs. Lion, more than me, is very easily drawn into solitary activities. Regular interaction helps counter that.

Sex for us doesn’t mean anyone’s going to have an orgasm. Mrs. Lion doesn’t want them and I’m only allowed to have them when she decides I should get them. That doesn’t mean we can’t do lots of sexual things. She enjoys edging me. I love it when she does. She appears to enjoy cock and ball torture (CBT). I’m not sure that I actually “enjoy” it, but I do like that she does it to me. Truth be told, I generally have an erection while she’s inflicting painful stimulation.

I’m not sure how she feels about anal activity. I like it the same way I like spanking. It’s very hot to think about, not so hot while it’s going on. Anal has a nice benefit: I can be trained to accept larger insertables as well as learning to tolerate pegging. Mrs. Lion appears to enjoy pegging me.

We don’t normally interact a lot. Mrs. Lion plays games on her iPad or computer and I watch TV. I think we both benefit from more intimate contact. Do we have to schedule “sex time” every day? Does Mrs. Lion need to find more reasons to spank me? Needless to say, I would prefer the sex time to additional spankings. However, which is going to happen is purely up to Mrs. Lion. I believe that we need to do something.