New to The Dairy

Monday night Mrs. Lion milked me for the first time. It was, to say the least, an interesting experience. I was on my hands and knees on the bed and Mrs. Lion either stood behind me or sat next to me. She pulled my penis back between my legs and milked me. It did feel different in a very nice way. I couldn’t really tell that my penis was out behind me. All I could feel was her regular motion getting me more and more excited.

This went on for quite a while until my shoulders got too tired to hold me up. Then we stopped. I turned on my back and Mrs. Lion continued in the standard handjob position. I never really got to the edge but I was very excited. Mrs. Lion said that my balls got in her way while she milked me. When my cock is pulled straight back between my legs, my balls ride on top of it. In an email Tuesday morning, she said she wanted to try again and this time would “wrangle” my balls. I take it to mean that she will tie them and then move them out of the way, perhaps by tying them around my neck or to my leg. One way or another she will secure them out of her way.

My milking position

This is the first time in years that I’ve been stimulated when not lying on my back. It felt very good. I discovered that I couldn’t “help” her from that position. With my knees spread apart and my weight distributed between them and my arms, humping isn’t possible for me. I suppose that’s just as well since I’m certainly not supposed to milk myself.

It turns out that that position exposes my ass completely. My cheeks are apart thanks to my spread knees and Mrs. Lion has full access. She took advantage of this position and tickled me where the sun don’t shine. I expect she may choose to do other stimulating things while it is so easily accessible to her. It turns out that the milking position is very good for exposing all my otherwise-less-accessible areas. This might even be a good position when she decides to return to spanking me between my cheeks.

Mrs. Lion never says very much when it comes to sexual activity. I think it might be more fun if she offers some instruction. For example, she might want to tell me, “get in the milking position.”

Then I could make the necessary adjustments and be ready for her on my hands and knees. Similarly, at other times it would be helpful if you would tell me when she expects me to hump her hand. I think it’s exciting to be given directions by her and helps me avoid confusion. I’m sure she can think of other things that she can tell me to do when needed. When she wants to spank me, she will often say, “I want your backside up.”

I then lie across the bed in my spanking position.

She and I are creatures of habit. We have to work to make things different. I think my visits to the dairy represent a great opportunity for me. Perhaps I will learn that I can ejaculate in positions other than on my back. That is, of course, if Mrs. Lion wants that to change. She may want me to only come on my back with my legs apart. That’s fine with me.

We’ll see.