In the Neighborhood

I am not really sure how milking went last night. It was our first attempt. As a guess, I’d say Lion was able to stay on his knees for somewhere around five minutes. It might have been more. I rarely time things. He said it felt good and he seemed happy. Of course, that could be because it was something different. He was hard and moaned from time to time. I know he liked it.

Lion in male milking position
Lion in milking position. His balls do get in the way.

My issue was trying to find a position that was both comfortable and allowed a good grip. His balls kept getting in the way. I’ll lasso them tonight. I also said I’d wrangle them. Lots of good cowboy talk. Once the boys are out of the way I can get a better grip or at least figure out what I can accomplish when I can see what I’m doing.

I also discovered that I can kill many birds with one stone. If I tie his balls up, he’ll be more turned on. I can shove a butt plug in for added (dis)comfort. I can swat him from time to time. All things that help arouse Lion.

male milking
Lion’s balls tied up and away to make milking easier for me.

Last night, aside from moving his balls out of the way, I tickled them and I also ran my fingers up and down his crack. I know he likes those little drive-by’s. The “threat” of my finger invading turns him on too.

I’ll be tying his balls tonight but I think I shouldn’t do all the other things. I want to see how excited he gets from just the milking. We’ll start out with a few scoops of ice cream before we add the hot fudge and sprinkles. (Lion has been eating a lot of ice cream since having his tooth pulled.)

Maybe we’ll get back into anal play because of milking. I’ll be in the neighborhood.


  1. I always thought that milking was massaging the prostate until cum oozed out of the penis.

    1. That is milking the prostate. What Lion and Mrs. Lion are talking about is “cock milking.”

    2. Some people refer to that too. Prostate milking is rarely very successful. At best, just a few drops of fluid will be produced. In our case, milking refers to me assuming the position of a “cow” and Mrs. Lion pulling my penis between my legs and masturbating me.

    1. People often combine ruined orgasms with penis milking. I think that’s because some people think milking should produce semen without pleasure. I don’t think it matters. The idea is dominance and has nothing to do with whether or not the male has fun along the way.

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