Wrangling Lion’s balls worked pretty well last night. It definitely kept them out of the way. I noticed two issues though. Hanging onto the rope was a little distracting. And the rope got in the way of playing with his crack, both in that it was physically in the way and I didn’t have a free hand to play with his ass. I’m sure these logistics can be worked out.

Lion is concerned that I’m uncomfortable while I milk him. Sometimes I’m behind him. Other times I sit on one side or the other. I change positions when I need to. I’m more concerned with him being uncomfortable holding himself up on his knees. Our being more concerned about the other’s comfort gets in the way of things sometimes. I need to learn that Lion will speak up when he’s done for and he needs to learn the same about me.

So far, Lion likes being milked. I’m glad it’s exciting for him. I’m sure he was a little more excited last night because his balls were tied. I wonder if we’ll get to the point that I can edge him in this position. He’s definitely aroused. It’s a timing issue. Can he get to the edge before one of us gives out physically?

Once we’re done, Lion lays on his back and we proceed as usual. He hasn’t made it to the edge since we’ve tried milking. He just doesn’t seem as excited. I even left his balls tied last night. The thought occurred to me last night that I should give him oral. I could even use the Magic Wand. I wonder what effect it would have to use the Magic Wand while I’m milking him. Would it enhance things, have no effect or make it worse? It might be worth a try.

I’m interested to see what happens tonight. I’ll still tie his balls to keep them out of the way. And tonight I’ll add the Magic Wand when we’re done milking. I’ll get him to the edge one way or another, dammit!


  1. Sounds like a fun time to me! The magic wand does work magic on me, has even caused me to orgasm when not erect.

  2. Perhaps if your rope is long enough you can tie it to a door knob or a chair beside the bed? That would free your second hand and keep everything else out of the way!

    1. She could tie it around my neck. That might be easiest.

      1. True. That might work very well!! But it might cover your anus and get in the way.

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