[Mrs. Lion- This post was originally scheduled for yesterday. Merry Christmas everyone!!!]

Last night Lion spilled food on his shirt. It wasn’t a bad spill but a spill nonetheless. He needed a funishment. I decided to soap his mouth. Unfortunately, I then went to do something that should have been simple that took far longer than it should have and I lost track of time. When I finally removed the soap it had been fifteen minutes. That’s far too long. Lion said he started to feel burning. I should have set a timer. Luckily, there was only minimal damage.

Since this was a funishment, I didn’t feel any need to delay play. I pulled out a butt plug, the lube and a glove. I had Lion kneel on the bed and I started off with two fingers. I’m trying to ease into things each time. His butt may eventually remember to relax, but for now it needs time to adjust. I used the largest training butt plug and then went back to three fingers, and then four. Between wiggling my fingers inside him and moving them in and out, I was able to get four fingers up to my knuckles and I even got my thumb in for a bit.

In order to do this more effectively, I need to give Lion an enema beforehand. I don’t find it particularly disgusting to encounter poop, but it will definitely be more comfortable for Lion. However, if he wants me to use an ungloved hand, he will need to be cleaned out. I’m good with the glove so far. I think it slides more easily.

Lion thought I stopped too soon. He said he was able to go on longer. I didn’t stop because I thought he was done. I stopped because I was done. I don’t know how long we were at it, but it felt like long enough to me. We’ll try again tonight.

[Lion — It wasn’t that I wanted to push Mrs. Lion, I just wanted to let her know that I was still up for more. She is really doing a great job training me. We never got this far in the past.]

I also decided to continue the oral experiment. I was torn between that and using the finger vibrator. Ultimately, I decided that Lion loves oral and I’m kind of partial to it too. I’m pretty sure Lion was happy with my decision. He was making some nice noises. I thought maybe he’d make it to the edge, but he didn’t quite. No problem. We’ll try that again tonight too.

Lion made the comment that I’d given both ends of him attention. Yessiree! His tail end will get more tonight and, if necessary, his top half will too.