lion in women's crotchless panties
One funishment that is both uncomfortable and humiliating is to have to wear women’s underwear like these crotchless panties I had to model.
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In less than a month we will publish our 4000th post. It’s a real milestone for us. Statistics aren’t readily available about other blogs, but I would guess we are in the top five of our type of blog in terms of number of posts. We also have over 40 pages of content as well that can be reached via the menu at the top of the page. If you have any ideas about what our 4000th post should be about, please either comment or leave us a note in Contact Us.

Mrs. Lion and I discussed my proposal about a two-tier system to handle any infractions I may commit. We both like the “play” rules and the resulting punishments I get. We also agree that the more serious infractions require real spankings. Now that we’ve untangled the two very different sorts of ways I can earn punishment, there is a much lighter atmosphere here. Mrs. Lion is particularly happy that she can resume play spankings. She also said that she resolves to be much more observant about real infractions and punish them promptly.

There has always been a sort of game aspect to our FLRD (Female Led Relationship with Discipline). It’s very hard to get too serious about me spilling some salsa on my shirt. Of course, we recognize that infractions like this were training wheels to help us develop good habits in terms of observing infractions and then punishing them. Like I said yesterday (click here for post), the punishments became very inappropriate because they rose to the level of true domestic discipline.

Mrs. Lion also agreed that for the most part, sentencing me to multiple days of spankings hasn’t worked out very well. By the time we get to the end of a series, I’ve pretty much forgotten why I was being punished. We’ve decided to adopt a system that other disciplinary couples use: The way to distinguish more severe offenses from lesser ones is by the length of the spanking. Mrs. Lion is very good at disciplinary spankings. From now on, she will set a timer for the length of the spanking I receive. She hasn’t decided what the base duration will be. I suggested five minutes. If an offense is more than minimally upsetting, Mrs. Lion will extend the spanking. She hasn’t determined what the increment will be. I suggested five minutes for each level of offense.

This is serious stuff. Five minutes of Mrs. Lion’s disciplinary spanking is not only very painful, but memorable for at least a couple of days. I can imagine how much I will hate 10 or 15 minutes. She also reserves the right to extend the punishment to another day in addition to the first spanking in the case where she is particularly upset by what I did. It’s possible for me to earn two long spankings if I do something particularly bad. I’m fine with this. It makes sense and lets the punishment fit the crime.

In the misdemeanor category, however, Mrs. Lion has the opportunity to give me “funishments”. These are things that I will most certainly not like, but fit into the category of the sort of play we have done in the past. An example of this would be to sentence me to wear a diaper day and night for two or three days. Another might be spending time in the corner on my punishment stool. You get the idea. The possibilities are endless.

The point is that I am being called out for breaking a rule. I will have to endure something I truly don’t like, but not exactly fear. I don’t like living in a diaper, for example, but thinking about it is pretty hot. I suppose being made to wear women’s panties is in the same category. Funishments represent a sort of BDSM approach to trivial rules. Mrs. Lion, of course, decides which rules are trivial and which are not. Funishments could also include spanking and then sitting on the punishment stool. The spanking would be more in line with the play spanking instead of the much more severe disciplinary one.

All of this is in very good accordance with our initial thinking about rules like spilling on my shirt. Mrs. Lion selected it because she knew I couldn’t help breaking it often. It gave her an opportunity to punish me. Until just now, the opportunity to punish me was used as a way to train her in true discipline. Over the last few months, I have to admit it felt pretty awful if I just got a drop of something on my shirt. Her disciplinary spankings had risen to the point that I was truly being punished.

The training wheels are officially off. We both want to continue with the somewhat silly rules because we both enjoy the resulting penalties I get. Neither of us enjoys the disciplinary spankings I can earn. We haven’t thought this through completely. I’m sure Mrs. Lion could use suggestions for funishments she can inflict on me. She could probably use some suggestions on new rules that would make it more likely I get in trouble. Of course, the kind of trouble I’m talking about doesn’t upset her and earns me the funishments that turned me on.

The ball, or more correctly, my balls are in your court. Give her your ideas.


  1. 4000 posts are an amazing feat!! I’m sitting around 200. lol. I’m sorry though I have no suggestion for a topic. But I’ll think about it and if anything comes to mind I’ll let you know.
    You know I think I’ve read well over 3000 of this posts. Maybe very close to 4000…

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      We should have an award for such loyalty! I certainly appreciate your continued interest. You feel like a friend to me.

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