Lion is back. And all it took was for me to agree to do everything he wants. It’s not quite that simple. It’s not everything he wants and it’s not like I don’t want to do it. We’re just trying to get back to a point when things worked. That feels like a very long time ago, but it really isn’t.
I don’t remember exactly when we went off the rails. I’d guess it was somewhere around the time we moved. We’ve had a stressful year and we’ve been on-again-off-again with playing and sex for the whole year, but I think the move is when I threw in the towel. I tried but there was too much going on and I was being pulled in too many different directions. Now I think I can commit to putting Lion back at the top of the list. Well, the dog is at the top. And then there’s me. And work. So Lion is not at the top. He’s maybe fifth. Well, he’s in the top ten. (I’m teasing.)
Last night I tied up my balls tightly and had them bouncing along. Then I used the Magic Wand on them and my weenie. The balls didn’t like the vibrator too much but my weenie was very happy. It still took a little while to get him to the edge, but we got there. I even got a little bit of precum. That hasn’t happened in a while.
This morning, Lion told me he’s been waiting five days. I have no opinion about whether that’s a long time or a short time. [Lion — It’s a couple of days less than average] I’ll know when it’s time to give him his next orgasm. Since he’s back, and assuming he’ll be able to get to the edge fairly consistently, I’ll wait till he’s sufficiently horny by my standards. He may think he’s tree-humping horny but I’ll decide.
Tonight I think he’s in for some anal action. I think we’ll probably start with just a butt plug inserted for a while. I know he wants me to train him, but I think we need to get him used to something knocking on that backdoor again. All in good time, my pet.
I’m also on the hunt for a vibrator that goes on my finger so I can give him a regular hand job with a smaller vibrator. I’ve seen a few but I haven’t had time to really do any research. This weekend I’ll take some time to do it.
I may not always be glad I’ve re-committed to playing with Lion. It will depend on how tired or busy I am, but I think it’s necessary. We haven’t been really happy for a while. It’s time to focus on what’s important.