Creatures Of Habit

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday,I’m having trouble with sex again. I get super excited when she plays with me or sucks me. However, after a while I just lose interest. I don’t get very close to the edge at all. I’m not sure what it’s all about but Mrs. Lion seems to think that if there’s a little bit more activity prior to going for the gold, we’ll have better luck. I kind of agree. For me, being able to get off requires more than just stimulating my penis. I can’t really put it into words, but there needs to be something mental and possibly physical in order to put me into orgasm mode.

I know that a lot of women believe we males don’t need anything more than a naked female body or a soft hand around our cocks. Maybe that was true when I was 25, but it isn’t true anymore. Mrs. Lion does her level best to turn me on. It’s not her fault that I’m having this trouble now. I think we just have to find a formula that turns on that magic circuit breaker in my head. It gets a little more difficult to do this the older guy gets. I’m confident that we will get there. Mrs. Lion doesn’t give up.

Speaking of not giving up, Sunday night I got the second of the five spankings I currently have coming. This time, she was in her traditional sitting-next-to-me position. It felt like she made a strong effort to pay attention to the center of my sit spot. Several times she spread my cheeks wide so the paddle could reach inside my crack. Actually when she does that I don’t think it gets as deep as she would like. This may be a disadvantage created by the specific paddle she uses. Maybe she has to switch to something with a shorter handle. It’s definitely very effective when she manages to get inside close to my anus. Still, when she did that Sunday night, it allowed her to put some redness very close to my crack down where my butt always has to contact the chair. I can feel the effects of some of that today.

Without any conscious planning, it feels like we have a set of standards to measure various activities. For example, Mrs. Lion and I measure the effectiveness of a spanking by how difficult it is for me to sit the next day and perhaps the day after that. I do get red, but not that red during a spanking. The color never lasts very long. Similarly, I can be bruised but it’s difficult and the bruises rarely persist for long. I think Mrs. Lion has come up with some visual cues to help her know when she’s done a good job. This is an area she’s new to and I suspect needs more feedback from me to perfect.

The second standard is for sex. In a vanilla relationship, male satisfaction can be measured by success in making him ejaculate. In our case, since we practice enforced male chastity, success is measured by how easily Mrs. Lion can bring me to the edge of orgasm over and over. A really great session has me humping air while she gives me just a few quick little strokes just below the head which is enough to drive me right to the edge of ejaculation. She’ll gently hold my penis and then as I calm down just a little bit, a few more quick strokes pushes me again to the edge. When she wants me to actually ejaculate she tends to just go for it. I suppose it’s doesn’t require as much finesse to get me to have a full orgasm.

Over the years, Mrs. Lion has perfected handling my penis to a fine art. She’s even able to successfully bring me right to the edge with her mouth. She knows how to play me like a piano. It’s distressing for me when normal techniques stop working. That’s what’s been happening lately. She is nothing if not determined. I’m confident she will figure it out and will get me back to regular edging. I don’t expect an orgasm until I’ve had several days of intense edging. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

I think we’ve gotten a bit out of the rhythm of days and days of edging before I’m allowed to ejaculate. Frustrating as it is for me, it’s also fun. If this move has taught me anything, it’s that Mrs. Lion and I have developed things that we like to do and the way we like to do them. The move has disrupted all this and has made it difficult for us. I think we can now begin to recover what we’ve lost. I guess at the end of the day (I hate that expression), we are creatures of habit.


  1. You should definitely go in to the doctor and get a blood test for your testosterone level. I have been getting bi-weekly injections of testosterone for five or six years now (since I was 48 or 49) and it makes a major difference. There are also gels (Androgel) that you can apply daily if you don’t like shots.

    1. Author

      I am considering going to the doctor. I did have my testosterone checked a year or so ago and it was normal. Mrs. Lion is convinced that all will be fine in the day or so. I hope so. If this problem persists, I’ll go get my blood checked again. Thanks for caring!

  2. Thank You for your honesty in the ED area. most are afraid of it. Thinking they are unmanly. But getting tested again is a good idea. Maybe your levels fluctuate a great deal.
    Also when i was with Miss Judy, i could worship Her body for long periods of time without being hard. This was a great concern for Her. Even tho i was trying to assure Her my focus was totally on Her and Her pleasure.

    1. Author

      I think it’s perfectly normal to lose your erection while providing sexual attention to your partner. I know I do. It isn’t because of ED. It’s because my attention is purely focused on her pleasure. When I get the opportunity to provide Mrs. Lion with oral release, I never stay hard for long. I’m too busy providing her with pleasure. I think some women don’t realize that men can be turned on without an erection.

      In terms of my own issues, it’s not ED or necessarily a hormonal problem. It may be that my external pressures and stress get in the way. However, last night they didn’t get in the way. 🙂

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