Mrs. Lion and I tend to think very much alike. The underlying issue that we want to resolve is often different, but the actions we are considering are generally the same. In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote about becoming stricter. Actually, she acknowledged that she ignores it when I snap at her, or more correctly, growl. She also acknowledged that she snaps at me, but doesn’t follow up with her paddle. Her snaps are so mild that I usually miss them entirely.

Her solution, is to summon the energy to punish me when I growl or when I do something that she was previously snapping at me for doing. I’ve only been writing about her needing to put her paw down for years. Maybe finally, 3.0 will actually do it. She has perfected her spanking to the point that it really means something to me. Now, perhaps, she will focus on the way I behave when I interact with her.

I know that a good number of our readers believe that the best way to cure my lack of sexual responsiveness is to make me wait longer for an orgasm. There is a large grain of truth in that, up to a point. In the past, we discovered that after I waited a certain amount of time without edging, I lost interest in sex. It was actually harder to get me hard (See what I did there?) After such a wait, my hormones shut down when they know there is no sex in sight.

That’s one reason we set up our agreement that I would be edged at least once every other day. That kept my motor running and made longer waits more difficult. We seem to have forgotten that. Mrs. Lion suggested that maybe the way to handle my lack of interest is to lock me up and not let me out for anything for several days. I’m pretty sure that won’t work. However, locking me up and letting me out for frequent edging with no hope of an orgasm, could get things going again. This is one case that makes sense to let me know the minimum amount of time this teasing with no possibility of orgasm will go on. I’m not saying that at the end of that minimum wait I will finally get to come. Oh no, this is where Mrs. Lion’s fondness for surprises comes in. After that minimum, she can make me wait as long as she wants and surprise me when she finally decides I’ve had enough waiting.

Strictly speaking, the male chastity device isn’t required for this. However, it does strongly emphasize her control over even the smallest amount of arousal that I can have. That adds fuel to her frequent edging. It becomes my only opportunity to be hard. I’m not sure that this is the answer. For all I know, tonight (Sunday) I will have a glorious Fourth of July orgasm. I never know. That’s a good part of the fun for both of us.