This Is Another Post I Will Regret Writing

Last night I had a feeling that Mrs. Lion would finally make me come. I think as little as a month ago, she would have. Now, things are different. We had a very nice, but frustrating, tease and deny. Mrs. Lion very skillfully masturbates me right up to the point of no return. Then she stops. Her techniques are amazing. I feel myself getting hard inside my cage just remembering. Perhaps we should make our own tease and deny video. Her techniques deserves to be memorialized. Maybe she will agree to do it.

I really have no idea when I will finally ejaculate. However, last night it occurred to me that while coming would be great, the next night we will be back again with tease and deny. Nothing will change. I will still dream about the next orgasm. Or is that right? I dream about my sweet lioness’ hands and mouth. Orgasm isn’t really part of my day and night dreams. I keep talking about my sexual ratio. Right now it’s more than 50 edgings to every ejaculation. If ejaculation were my sole target, I would be a very unhappy lion right now. But I’m not. I am massively horny. I can’t wait until the next time her hands are on my cock and balls. That’s what I’m horny for.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to come. I really do. If Mrs. Lion gave me more frequent orgasms, nothing would change. I love our daily sessions with or without ejaculation. I guess that ejaculating is a special treat. I crave it the way I want a great dessert. I would be sad if I never had that dessert, but I am very happy I get such a nice dinner first. For me, foreplay lasts days and sometimes weeks on end. But no matter how much I love all of this attention, I do hope that someday soon I will be able to have an orgasm.

It’s always risky for me to write a post about enforced chastity when I am this horny. Yesterday (Monday) was my tenth day of waiting. I’ve been teased every day for the last week. Sitting here alone at my desk, my thoughts are sexual. They are also considering the power possibilities with me being this motivated. Mrs. Lion has been extremely good as a keyholder. She isn’t going to cave and give me an orgasm just because I whine or growl. She’ll give me one when she decides I should get it. This is exactly what I asked her to do. She is doing it very very well. I even think she enjoys my desperation.

One of the concepts that originally attracted me to enforced chastity was the power exchange. I really like the fact that at this point if I had my way (which I can sometimes get from my softhearted lioness), I would have an orgasm now, but I can’t. My cage is firmly locked on and I know that I will be edged and put away horny again tonight. This demonstrates our power exchange at a visceral level for me. But there’s a problem. Mrs. Lion knows I hate to wait but also get value from the frustration. How does she know when enough is enough? After all, there is no reason to let me ejaculate. I like the frustration and as far as I know I won’t turn green or my balls won’t fall off if I don’t get to do it. Yeah, it feels like that might happen, but I know it won’t.

This problem was sort of solved with arbitrary orgasm dates that Mrs. Lion set. At least there was a plan of sorts that governed my lockup. Now, I don’t know when that date is. Nor do I know if Mrs. Lion will honor it. That’s fine, of course. At this point (ten days in), I acutely feel the little twinges every time my mind turns to anything sexual. I can get hard just writing this post. We have agreed that there was no value to us in making me wait extended amounts of time. I suspect that if my wait goes past a certain point — I have no idea what that might be — that my urgency will diminish and I will begin losing interest in orgasm. As I’ve written recently, my expectations for sex no longer include ejaculation. Over a year of being trained to reach the edge of orgasm and then stopping taught me that sex for me is building up excitement but rarely going over the edge. I haven’t gotten to the point where I prefer edging to orgasm, but I no longer expect ejaculation when sexually stimulated.

The problem of when is it the right time for me to ejaculate remains. I know a lot of keyholders wrestle with this. Recently, I read of a couple whose solution is interesting. His keyholder has set a minimum wait. Initially it was a week, but I think she extended it. During that time there is no chance he will come. But, after the minimum he might be allowed an orgasm. If he has been good and has pleased her, she might get him off on the last day of his wait or make him wait a day or two more just for fun. If he has slipped up in some way or if she has been aggravated by external forces that have nothing to do with him, he will wait longer. He likes this very much because it keeps him on his toes at all times.

I think it is an interesting idea because he has some control (by being good) over how much longer he has to wait, but not full control. If his minimum time is ten days (I wonder why I picked that number), and he has been working hard to keep her happy, he knows he has a chance that on or not long after that day, he will most likely ejaculate. But since his release depends on more than his behavior. Bad weather, an argument with a coworker, or just her period could force him to wait longer. I think that’s important. A power exchange has to have some fairness to it, but not too much. Otherwise it is just a contract with the keyholder enforcing the terms. I think that she has to have real power which means she can arbitrarily make her male wait.

The domestic discipline people will hate me for this comment, but I think the same is true of punishment. The reason so many people into DD (Domestic Discipline) do maintenance spankings is that the ability of the top to inflict pain arbitrarily is the best way to remind an adult surrendered male that she is firmly in charge.

Consistency in discipline, or for that matter, determining release dates is crucial in terms of correcting behavior. But there has to be some inconsistency introduced by adding time or swats arbitrarily, “just because.” It’s the joker in the deck for enforced chastity and FLM. If Mrs. Lion announced, “Tonight is the night I had planned on letting you come, but I am not in the mood. Maybe I will be tomorrow,” it would have a very strong effect on me. I don’t think it would be a positive effect, but it would underline our power exchange.

That’s why the title of this post. I have been teased and edged twice as much as before. Ten days to me is a very long time to wait. I have to be stupid to make this suggestion now. Of course, I have no idea if Mrs. Lion has any plans to get me off anyway. But I think you have to agree, this is putting more fuel on my already desperately large fire.