We’re back from our long weekend. It was great fun being away. Mrs. Lion and I had a chance to relax. I was wild (uncaged) the entire time and Mrs. Lion edged me over and over every night. As of today, my last orgasm was two weeks ago. My next opportunity to come is next Saturday.

Sunday night, after edging me orally a few times, Mrs. Lion asked me if I wanted to orgasm. I can’t begin to tell you how much I wanted an orgasm just then. But I said no because I want it to be as easy as possible for Mrs. Lion to make me wait the full time. In the past I would have immediately said that I want one. I know it isn’t easy for her to stick to her guns when it comes to getting me off. She is always only inches away from giving me a bonus orgasm I  know we both would have loved one on Sunday night, but it seemed to me that it’s unfair to her if push for one. I may be wrong, but I think that keeping me waiting until at least my scheduled date will reinforce her authority and make it easier for her to make me wait even though I desperately want relief. In the past, I have gotten bonus orgasms when she asked if I wanted to come and I said, “Yes.” She’s said and written that she wants me to wait the full time. I owe it to her to help her succeed.

The fantasy has me, the caged male, giving up control and the keyholder withholding orgasms as long as she wishes. I think the reality is that before my keyholder can comfortably do that with me, she needs my support. In this case it means that I have to help her at “weak” moments to remember her decision.  I have to confess that in the past I have been way too fast helping her cave in early. The big problem for her to withhold my orgasms is that she likes them almost as much as I do. She isn’t all that fond of me waiting. In the past, I’ve written that how long I wait isn’t really the point; it’s that I am not controlling when I can ejaculate. Mrs. Lion agrees. That’s why the current 18 day wait is one of my longest. I am not getting a desire to wait longer next time, but if it takes a longer wait for me to truly accept her control, then she should give me one. She may also want to use my longer waits to train herself to be stronger about bonus orgasms.

I’ve read a lot of opinions written by women on what the optimum time between male orgasms should be. Most of the sane ones think a wait between one and two weeks is the minimum. The crazier ones think 6 months to two years is optimum. I don’t understand what factual basis any of these writers have. I am pretty sure there is no basis at all. Speaking just for myself, if I get an orgasm every four days or so, it feels like a normal, non-enforced-chastity sexual relationship. Once we pass seven days I start to get very desperate. At two weeks it took everything I had not to beg for that bonus orgasm. The average guy over forty has sex (orgasm) about twice a week or 100 times a year. Enforced chastity should certainly reduce that  number significantly. One orgasm a week would divide that in half, but then a substantial number of couples have sex only once a week. One orgasm on average of once every two weeks would divide that once-a-week number in half again; about 25 orgasms a year. Once a month would take it to twelve.

Some keyholders decide on orgasm frequency based on the caged male’s behavior. Some guys change significantly after they come; sometimes for many days. In those cases, I can understand making orgasms as infrequent as practical. Others, like me, don’t change much at all (according to Mrs. Lion). In this case, orgasm spacing should make it crystal clear to the caged male that he is no longer enjoying normal sexual frequency. Enforced chastity comes with a significantly reduced number of ejaculations. I don’t think Mrs. Lion has decided on my minimum wait. She likes to switch up between very short waits and longer ones like this one. I really love the shorter waits. Waiting three or four days is wonderful! But from the perspective of sexual control, the minimum should probably be much longer. I hesitate to write this, but I think the minimum wait should be two weeks. That’s twice the average for almost all men. It’s long enough to make me crazy. Maybe waits should range from 14 to 60 days. That means in an average year I would come about 20 times. I know this would be very difficult for me. I really want to come now and have for the last ten days. Nightly teasing doesn’t make things any easier. Maybe this is really too long and minimums should be shorter. It’s a good thing it isn’t up to me. I vote for 4 days!