Lion: Are we ever going to try sex again?

Me: For me or you?

Lion: Well, for you too, but I meant me.

Me: I’ve had a migraine for two days.

These are the types of conversations that Lion says I overreact to. His question seems to suggest it’s been “forever” since he’s gotten any action. I know he’s anxious because he hasn’t been able to get to the edge, but two days because I’m not feeling well is not the end of the world. He insists it’s just a question. It feels like a criticism, which is why a lot of my posts seem like I’m going off on Lion. I get to a point that I have to vent.

Anyway, I haven’t forgotten about Lion. I’m just trying to maintain a vertical position for most of the day. That takes a lot of effort when your eyes are being squeezed and want to close. A nap would be good just about any time. We have a lot to do this weekend. Errands, unpacking, Lion wants to try to drive, etc. I’m hoping I’ll have enough energy for an edging run. I can always snooze when Lion snoozes so I’ll be ready.

In the meantime, I’ll look for my rope so I can tie Lion’s balls up. He loves that and I love bouncing balls. I hope it will get him excited enough to get to the edge. It’s not the only trick in my bag. He wasn’t responsive to the Icy Hot or the clothespins. This makes me wonder if it is something inorganic. He’s been under a lot of stress with physical therapy and the transportation to get there. Stress certainly does not help erections.

I’m not trying to add any pressure. If I have to keep trying and trying, I will. There’s no need for apologies. We’ll get there.

[Mrs. Lion — After reading this, Lion said he was kidding. It didn’t sound like it. He said he expected a response of “awwww, poor Lion” but instead I got mad at him. He didn’t say it in a kidding manner and I was in day two of a migraine so I didn’t hear it that way. I’ll work on getting thicker skin.]