Something Sexual

As promised, I shoved the small nJoy up Lion’s ass last night. Surprisingly enough, it went in relatively easily. I expected more resistance since it’s been months and months.

I wasn’t exactly timing it but it was in for at least an hour when Lion decided he needed to pee. He couldn’t with the plug in and he either bent over a little or coughed and the butt plug shot across the bathroom floor. Problem solved! I told him he might as well pee since the restriction was no longer an issue.

I sort of spaced out and realized about 9:30 that I hadn’t played with Lion other than the butt plug. It was supposed to get him ready for edging. Near bedtime, Lion said maybe we could do “something sexual” tomorrow night (tonight). I thought the butt plug was something sexual. [Lion — It was sexual. I had hoped for something around the front as well.]

This morning I was looking through the box containing the rest of my nightstand stuff that I haven’t put away yet. I found a bag of clothes pins. I showed it to Lion and told him he’d be seeing them later. Rather than being happy with the clothes pins, he said he bet the rope was in the box too. I didn’t actually expect him to be happy about the clothes pins, but it is “something sexual” as I thought the butt plug was. There are certainly times I think I can’t do anything to make Lion happy.

[Lion — o, I’m not overly excited about having my balls covered with clothespins, though it is exciting and I’m not complaining. I think Mrs. Lion I have to talk about how she interprets what I say as expectations.]

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