Missing Memo

spahing spoon on lion's butt
This is the chechin spanking spoon. It’s made from very dense Chechen wood. This is one of the meanest paddle we own.
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I did remember to spank Lion last night. As a matter of fact, I had to wait for him. He had to install some smart bulbs, write a post, get under the blankets to get warm, and then snooze a bit. It was after 10 before he was ready. I’m not actually sure he was ready, but he got into position. In all fairness, he got a steroid injection in his shoulder and I was happy to let him sleep before the numbing shot wore off. He’s been in a lot of pain and sleep has not been easy.

It was a few rounds into swatting when I asked him why he was being punished. I know he likes me to be more vocal. We both tend to be quiet during sex and play or punishment.

After a bit, he started to bleed a little so I informed him he was getting blood on my paddle. I thought that would add something to the exercise. I don’t know why. Maybe it was to let him know how hard I was hitting or that I was “winning”. No idea. It was probably just something to say.

Normally, aside from being concerned about getting blood on the comforter, he’s happy I made him bleed. Maybe happy isn’t the correct word. But this time he said it wasn’t a good thing to make him bleed. Did I miss a memo? I mean, I don’t go for blood but it hasn’t been a bad thing.

Sometimes I think Lion likes to throw me curve balls. Sometimes he’ll say he never said what I heard. Sometimes he’ll say he’s always said what he said and then later on he’ll say he never said that. I’m left wondering what the heck is going on.

This morning he said the paddle I used last night, a chechen spoon-shape, was less effective than the bloodwood round-headed paddle. He has no sore spots. I guess I’ll have to sort the paddles by long-lasting versus blood-producing. Although, if blood is bad, why would I want to use the latter at all?

I wonder if the key is using two, or more, different paddles. It may be worth a try.

[Lion — I am ambivalent about bleeding from a spanking. It’s not necessarily an indication that the spanking was severe. It has more to do with the fact that there may be thin spots in my skin that break open. I’m a little bit concerned about that. That’s why I mentioned it to Mrs. Lion. The fact that her “camper” paddle was more severe and left me sore for two days and didn’t draw blood suggests that drawing blood as nothing to do with severity. In any case I don’t think I’m harmed when Mrs. Lion makes me bleed.]