Metal Or Plastic?

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, I forgot to remind her of Saturday’s punishment day. I think she’s getting tired of my forgetfulness. She sentenced me to four spankings for this offense. Given the current severity of her spankings, I’m going to have trouble sitting down until next weekend. She forgot to spank me on Sunday; she didn’t forget last night. One down, three to go. When I mentioned in an email on Monday that she owed me four spankings, her response was, “So far.”

Sunday night was also, it turns out, orgasm night for me. Mrs. Lion gave me an excellent blow job. My dictation software got the last sentence as “Mrs. Lion gave me an excellent bludgeon”. I’ve been getting an orgasm approximately every four days during Unlocktober. It’s a very comfortable interval for me. There hasn’t been much sexual touching at all between orgasms. Part of the reason is the painful, rotator cuff I have. I also think she is been pretty pooped from all the unpacking.

It feels like we will never get done with this. I guess Mrs. Lion will just keep plugging away. Eventually, most of the boxes will disappear.

The chastity device market is experiencing some interesting growth. Truly effective, high-quality devices are being 3D-printed. I reviewed two so far. One was unwearable because of the sandpaper-like finish. The second, produced by exactly the same printing company but more expensively finished, is a dream to wear.

I have another one targeted for review. I don’t want to say too much and spoil the surprise. I think this next device I will be reviewing is the most advanced to date.

I bring it up now because I realize my preferences in chastity devices has changed. Six years ago, when we started this blog, there were basically three companies making custom male chastity devices. Four, if you count our friends in Montréal who make multiple thousand dollar exotic devices. All of these devices are made of stainless steel; or titanium in the case of the luxury manufacturer.

The newest devices I have tried are made of medical-grade nylon. They are 3D-machine printed. I did try a very early printed device. Its design was sorely lacking and it simply was too difficult to wear full time. The newer devices are extremely well designed. The customization is excellent. The stainless steel device makers can only do as much as they can manage with their material: stainless steel. They have to bend and pound, shape and solder in order to produce their devices. Customization is limited to cage diameter and length.

The new generation of devices starts as designs on a computer. Every dimension is simple to change. Even the shape of the device is a relatively trivial task. That means when you order a device it can literally be designed and manufactured to fit you perfectly. Gone are the days of simple cages with just a length measurement. The new ones require accurate measurement of the head of the penis: its diameter and length; the length of the shaft and its diameter. Also, of course, the size of the base ring and the gap between the base ring in the cage.

That’s a lot of work and care needed to get the right size. Unlike the steel devices, the 3D-printed ones are very easy to change if the size is wrong. At worst, you will have to pay a small fee for reprinting if the size specified doesn’t work. Mature Metal charges $100 to adjust the length of the cage. They can’t adjust the diameter. The 3D-printed devices cost, as a rule, less than $50 to reprint. Any dimension can be changed.

The cost of these 3D-printed devices range from about $100 to more than $400. The cost of a custom steel device starts at about $400.

One of the reasons these new, plastic devices is catching on is due to the maturing of the audience that buys them. A great many people now understand that “security” is really an unimportant quality of a chastity device. Nobody is locked in one against his will. They are locked up because they asked to be. Me included. Why in the world would someone want to escape from something they asked to get?

The solitary advantage of steel is that devices made of it are more difficult to escape so we are told. The idea is that steel is harder to cut than plastic. But it’s no harder to pull out from the back. My point is that the only reason to wear one material over the other is personal preference. Chastity is equally effective in nylon as it is in steel.


  1. I like the weight and solid feel of steel. I like the lighter than air weight of plastic. Seems contradictory but both feelings have their pros. And cons. I look forward to your new review.

    1. Author

      Thanks. I feel the same way. I particularly like it when I am wearing plastic and forget I’m in a chastity device. Then I try to get hard and get surprised.

  2. Can you post links to your earlier reviews? I remember seeing them, but now can’t find them. Thanks

    1. Author

      Just do a search in our site search box for “reviews”.

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