Back In The Paddle Again

As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, this has been a very difficult year for us. I’ve had several physical challenges which I’m sure you have read too much about. Our two parrots died about a year apart, and we’ve had to move to a different house. All of this happened in the space of just 10 months.

Through most of this we have managed to keep up our enforced male chastity and our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD). I give her a lot of credit for being able to actually do this in the face of so many challenges. It’s a tribute to our love for one another that we’ve gotten through so much difficulty still loving each other more than ever.

We have had a moratorium on spankable offenses. I spilled food on my shirt the other night and Mrs. Lion told me that she wouldn’t be adding any more spankings for spilling until she caught up with the ones I’ve earned already.

I’ve been reading about how other couples in disciplinary relationships manage. One of the biggest challenges facing us is understanding the process that allows new things to earn me spankings. I realize that seems a little unclear. Bear with me.

In the past, Mrs. Lion has been careful to announce rules that she plans to enforce. I think this is a bit burdensome for her. Other people use a kind of early warning system. For example, let’s say I start acting bossy. Mrs. Lion could say, “That is a spankable offense,” when I begin. She doesn’t have to use those words, she could just give me “that” look.

The point is that she has the opportunity to warn me if she feels I may not understand how close I’m getting to thin ice. He also has the nuclear option of telling me I’m about to be spanked. I think providing warning when she feels that she doesn’t want to drop the bomb, offers her a simpler way deal with my behavior.

Another area of concern is the amount of time that elapses between committing an offense and the punishments starting. For example, it’s been several weeks since I spilled food on my shirt several times and earned 10 spankings. There is no question that I will have a problem connecting my misbehavior with spankings delivered weeks later. However, I am owed to spankings and it’s only right I get them.

Should spankings have an expiration date? If Mrs. Lion doesn’t get around to punishing me within a certain number of days after the offense, why get a pass?

There are good arguments for adopting this policy. Even an adult can lose the connection between misbehaving and being spanked if the distance between the two events is too great. There is universal agreement that the closer the spanking is to the offense than earned it, the more connection will be made between the two.

Mrs. Lion proposed forgiving the 10 spankings since I earned them so long ago. I was reluctant to agree because it feels like I got away with something I shouldn’t. On the other hand, I barely remember what I did to earn them. Maybe a good compromise is to give me one severe spanking so I know I didn’t get away with anything and let the other nine go.

That makes sense to me. The simple fact is that I really can’t sense a cause and effect relationship between spilling and spanking if the punishment is postponed for more than a short time. In my experience, I learned the most from spankings that occur extremely close to the offense that earned them.

The reason I’m reluctant to agree that all of my current backlog of spankings should be forgotten is that I think I need the grounding being spanked will give me. We’ve known for some time that I get a sense of stability when I feel Mrs. Lion’s control. One of the strongest depressions of this control is when she spanks me. It’s 100% unmistakable.