unlocktober calendar
Here it is! This is your official 2019 Unlocktober orgasm calendar. At minimum, players must get an orgasm on the marked days. Advanced players can get one every day.

Yesterday, I suggested that Unlocktober could be a very interesting way to spend the month. I mentioned it to Mrs. Lion and she replied, “I don’t think you could do it for long.”

Maybe not. I think it would be a very interesting exercise of her power. I guess I’ll ask her directly rather than just simply mention it. It’s a challenge that I may very well fall down trying to get through.

I asked. Mrs.  Lion said, “We’ll give it a try.”

Anyway, since I decided that I am the inventor of Unlocktober I figured I would lay out the rules (which, of course, you don’t have to follow):

  1. Unlocktober is open to anyone of either sex without regard to whether or not they practice enforced chastity.
  2. Ideally, Unlocktober begins on October 1 of any year. However it can be started later. It requires 31 consecutive days of activities to complete. If you begin on October 5, for example, your Unlocktober would end on November 4.
  3. You must be masturbated or, with permission, masturbate at least once every two days to orgasm. Ideally, you will have one orgasm every day.
  4. Orgasms may only be produced by hand without any other sexual activities or foreplay.
  5. Once begun, masturbation must continue until orgasm no matter how long it takes.

That’s it. Those are the five rules. You are only allowed one orgasm per day at most and one orgasm every other day at the least.

It may sound like fun. I think it will end up being an eye opener to many. It will push me very hard to get through the minimum of 15 orgasms at the rate of one every other day. If Mrs. Lion chooses to go for one a day, it could stop being fun in less than a week.

Since today is October 5, if we start now, this will go on until about November 5. We should point out that you can start out getting or giving one orgasm a day and if it proves too difficult, you can back off to one every other day.

I give Mrs. Lion credit for inventing this. When we first began enforced male chastity, she interpreted it to mean that she could make me come as often as she wanted. My idea was that she would prevent me from having orgasms until I was very horny and desperate. She started out jerking me off every day. After several days, I begged her to stop. Being an agreeable lioness, she decided to go along with my idea and frustrate me.

Unlocktober is a chance to return to those original days when orgasms were plentiful and permitted. This annual orgasm orgy will probably teach those who participate that you can have too much of a good thing. If we do it, I’m pretty sure my penis will be sore from the extensive rubbing it will receive. I’m also sure that I will be very glad to resume much longer waits.

Please let me know if you are playing and how it goes.