Another Setback For Me

The adventure continues. Friday night we went out for a nice dinner and then when we got home and I was in the bedroom emptying my pockets, my right knee gave out and I fell. My left shoulder was hurting very badly. I couldn’t move it without screaming in pain.

Mrs. Lion and I tried to find ways to get me up off the ground. Without the use of my left arm, and with my right arm still partly incapacitated after the spinal surgery last spring, we didn’t have a lot of resources. We tried everything we could think of without success. Finally Mrs. Lion dialed 911 and the local EMT team helped me to my feet and help me get into our car. We drove to the hospital in Seattle (about 35 miles away) and I went to the emergency room. They did x-rays and a CT scan. Fortunately, shoulder wasn’t dislocated and there was no apparent fracture.

They gave me 10 mg of Percocet. After an hour, it hadn’t made a dent in the pain. The doctor gave me an injection of a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, and this reduced the pain considerably. They let us go with a prescription for an opioid with instructions to contact the sports medicine surgeon who did my rotator cuff surgery, if the pain didn’t subside substantially in the next few days. Yesterday, the pain had diminished a bit. I still took the opioid during the day.

This hasn’t been a very good year for me. No, I can’t really say that. From the perspective of my health, I’ve had some orthopedic issues beginning with torn rotator cuff and in the most recently with surgery for stenosis of my cervical spine. That surgery is responsible for the fact that I keep falling. Anytime the spinal cord is disturbed, bad things happen.

Immediately after the surgery, I developed something called C5-palsy. This is a partial paralysis of the arm; my case right on. It’s been slowly improving, but I still can’t raise it over my head. Some of the muscles in that arm are not very strong. It’s not that the muscles themselves are weak, but the nerves communicating with my brain are not functioning as well as they need to.

I fell on my left shoulder. Now I have a disability in both arms. I can still do a lot of stuff that doesn’t require too much raising of either arm. Now, my “bad” arm, the right one, is the better one.

Despite all this pain and suffering, I still find myself really horny. On Friday night, while under the influence of opioid pain relievers plus powerful anti-inflammatory, I still found myself thinking about sex and actually experiencing some erections. Go figure! Clearly, my sex wiring is independent of everything else. I can be in excruciating pain and still have an direction. This is either tribute to the male sex drive, or a clear signal that I am truly out of my mind.

I hope today will be easier for me and for Mrs. Lion. She’s been working hard unpacking boxes. We can actually see the kitchen floor now. That’s a big improvement. Yesterday, a handyman we hired installed our reverse osmosis water filter as well as a new mailbox and porch light. These are all things I would normally to. The spinal surgery makes it impossible for me to do even simple jobs.

That’s the news from the lions’ den. Hopefully, I’ll have better and sexier news for you tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!


  1. Wow! You both have had one wild ride after another with your health My thoughts are with you, Last Year was ours. Before Christmas of 2017 it seemed over weeks little by little I found it hard to get up or move around simple task were hard. So Megan said am I calling ems or Help you get ready and take you in, but you’re going to the hospital!! So helping me dress and to the car took me to Veterans Hospital after blood tests before I knew what was happening I was in ICU getting one of many, blood transfusions over the next four day six pints, After all the tests from both ends found nothing, that kept me down a good part of the year. Looking outside the box We have been in A FLR for twenty years since I retired fourteen years ago it has been 24/7. But if one of us gets sick its circle the wagons to take care of our health issues because We love each other so much. For me it turned into one year to forget cataracts surgery both eyes skin Cancer my head and legs. I seemed to have it all happen at once after my 62 birthday. So here i am few years later, Cancer free, blood good, eyes better now still wearing glasses been doing it since 7th grade, but everyday I am at the pool every day now working out watching my diet LOL Megan watches it more than me, Our FLR is back, I wish you both the best and look forward to reading your blogs getting healthy get well 🙂 boi paul

    1. Author

      It’s good that you are recovered completely. My problems are relatively minor compared to yours. I am hoping that we will soon be done with all these health issues.

  2. You have been through it lately, hopefully things will level off for you now.

    1. Author

      I sure hope so!

    1. Author

      We are doing quite well. No time for fun. I hope that changes soon.

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