You Know What You Did!


Mrs. Lion and I are thoroughly tired of dealing with this move. She’s been exhausted every day with aching joints and frustration with the progress we need to make. On Sunday he mentioned that I’ve been doing some things that annoy her. She didn’t even want to mention what they were at the time nor did she want to discuss them on Sunday. This goes beyond our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD. It means that something I’m doing is contributing to her stress.

In my mind, at least, the whole point of our disciplinary activity is to provide her with a satisfying way of resolving problems I create. Now we are in a very stressful situation where, at least to me, it would be crucial to be able to express those feelings. I’m not claiming that Mrs. Lion should muster the energy to spank me, though I think the activity might serve as a safety valve for her. It’s important to mention it even if there is no physical follow-through.

Couples who begin the kind of disciplinary relationship we have, do it because there is an issue that needs resolution and seems to the couple to lend itself to domestic discipline. Our reason aside from my interest in spanking, is rooted in the need to open up a clean channel of communication regarding things I do that disturb Mrs. Lion. I think we’ve made good progress. I guess we haven’t made enough. While this may not be the ideal time to get out the old paddle, lessons learned from what we’ve been doing should make it easier for Mrs. Lion to growl or snarl as needed.

I understand that our implementation of her ability to express herself more freely includes physically punishing me. She’s never been very interested in the verbal side. Many disciplining wives include scolding as part of their punishments. We’ve never done that. Perhaps the fact that we have been physical and non-verbal failed to build the growling habit for my lioness. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that we didn’t. At times like this verbal scolding skills would come in handy.

I can’t in good conscience suggest Mrs. Lion include spanking on a day that her knees and shoulders ache and all she wants to do is get into bed and hopefully sleep. I think this situation does expose a flaw in our disciplinary plan. Everything I’ve read about domestic discipline always includes the need to make it very clear to the guy being spanked why he is in this position now. Mrs. Lion generally tells me why am about to be spanked or asked me to tell her what I did wrong. I guess it might be helpful if you would express that in much stronger terms. I don’t think it’s necessary as part of the banking process, but now I’m starting to realize that it may be a good habit to build. It will serve her well at times when the actual physical punishment has to either be canceled or postponed.

I don’t think that either of us considered our current situation in terms of how to sustain our disciplinary relationship. We both ignored situations when Mrs. Lion was too tired to punish me. We also learned that building up a “bank account” of owed spankings didn’t work out for us. As a result, Mrs. Lion will just suspend rules when she knows that for some reason we can’t have our spankings.

Right now, I do have a backlog of seven spankings. Mrs. Lion will take care of that little issue when she recharges her batteries. I think it might be a good idea to encourage more gravels in addition to the inevitable spankings. I’m very proud of Mrs. Lion. She does a wonderful job in her role as my disciplining wife. She’s doing amazingly well managing our move.


  1. I wonder if, for now, if you do something that annoys her, she could make you write out 50-100 times I will not do xyz. So you are being punished but no energy exerted on her part. She could also make you sit on the punishment stool / mat.

    1. Author

      We’ve talked about these alternatives to spanking. Mrs. Lion has expressed some interest but prefers her paddle to these alternatives. Writing assignments aren’t going to work for me. I had spinal surgery earlier this year and handwriting is extremely difficult and illegible. I don’t even type most of the time. I use a speech to text tool instead. She has proposed, but hasn’t chosen to use it. I’m okay with the fact that it’s either the paddle or nothing. Of course, I don’t get a vote.

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