I noticed something over the weekend. I had twinges of libido. Why? I don’t know. I was very tired most of the weekend so I’m surprised I had any feeling in any body part. By Sunday it was gone. Still, I wonder why it made a brief appearance at all.

The thought crossed my mind that it could be because I haven’t been focused on Lion so much. I don’t want that to sound like I’m blaming him. I’m not. It probably isn’t the reason. I’m still not thinking about Lion’s needs until we get the green light from the doctor. Of course, he wanted me to think about it last night while we were snuggling. Too bad. I’m following doctor’s orders.

Anyway, I don’t know why it woke up or how to get it to do it again. It’s not like I think about it. But I guess it’s good news that it’s still lurking somewhere in there even if I can’t get it to show up on demand. Maybe, now that I know it still exists, it will pop out more often. I don’t know. Just a thought.

Another thought I had last night, is that I could take the top drawer of my dresser and keep my most-used paddles in there. Out of the five drawers, I use three. I don’t even remember what’s in the bottom two. They’ve been concealed by shoes and other things piled in front of them. Clearly I don’t need five drawers for clothes. I’ll clean out the bottom two and move everything one drawer down to accommodate the paddles. That way they’ll always be right near the bed within reach. Handy access for butt whomping.

I suppose I could use two drawers for paddles. I just don’t know how many I need in the bedroom at any given time. I could also use one of them for toys other than paddles. Where will the Icy Hot live in the new house? Maybe in the paddle drawer. Maybe in an “Other” drawer. One of the issues has been keeping things where I can find them. The dresser might be the answer.

Poor Lion butt! He’ll love it.