Please Take Me Out To Play

Enforced male chastity is all about controlling our penises. Think about that for a minute. We aren’t talking about sex. We are talking about taking away access to one of our favorite toys. I don’t know about you, but I have very little interest in my penis if it is flaccid. It’s no fun that way. Yes, it’s useful. I need that flaccid penis to urinate. But it isn’t fun.

When it gets hard, it can be lots of fun. I’ve understood my relationship with fun and my erections since I was 11 years old. Since 2014 I’ve lost access to that sort of fun. At my request, Mrs. Lion locked me into a male chastity device that prevents my penis from getting hard and keeps my curious fingers away from it. The only time I can get hard and maybe get a chance to ejaculate is when Mrs. Lion unlocks me and plays with it. I’m strictly forbidden from playing with it myself.

Of course you know all this. Aside from a kink that turns me on (ironically), the male chastity device is a tool to train me not to engage sexually with my penis. This training has been surprisingly effective. Even when wild (not locked in my device), I don’t stimulate myself in any way. I haven’t masturbated in six years since Mrs. Lion told me I was no longer allowed to do it.

I still wear a chastity device. It has less to do with protecting me from myself than being a concrete symbol of my commitment to Mrs. Lion’s control. That doesn’t mean it’s something I can put on and take off at will. I never have control of the keys. When the device is on me, Mrs. Lion either has the keys with her or has locked them in her safe. I have no emergency key or other means of releasing myself.

This is important to me. In a real sense, it’s important in the same way that being locked in the male chastity device matters. Both of us know that I have absolutely no way to access my penis other than to urinate. I don’t know how much Mrs. Lion thinks about that. After all, she has no reason to. I can’t help but think about it since concrete evidence is an unremovable object locked around my penis.

When guys first consider getting a chastity device, they often worry about security. They want a device that will keep their penises trapped even if they want to get out. Any device that uses a ring around the cock and balls to anchor it, is subject to pullout. With some devices it could be very painful, but it can be done. I think this concern about security is misplaced worry about the level of commitment the device represents.

I recognize that some keyholders allow their partners to masturbate with permission. I’m not referring to that sort of relationship. That’s different. In that situation, the keyholder is controlling his release while still allowing him to consider his penis a toy that he can play with.

That’s not how it is with us. Mrs. Lion will never tell me to play with myself. She is the only one who can sexually stimulate me. That is a very big change. The reason it doesn’t matter if I’m locked or not or if I can escape my device, is that what this amounts to is a very serious commitment to give Mrs. Lion sole access (including me) to my penis for sexual purposes. In our case, this includes anything that could make me hard or ejaculate. She also retains control of the chastity device itself. I am permitted to put on and take off the base ring. However, she and she alone puts my penis in its cage and locks it.

That means I have no excuse to handle my penis other than to wash it or urinate. I like the lack of ambiguity. There are no exceptions. That means it’s fairly easy to train me. Any time there is an exception, no matter how valid and useful, it adds ambiguity that makes the kind of absolute control Mrs. Lion wants much more difficult to train into me.

After several years of this kind of control, I’m conditioned to get my only penis stimulation from Mrs. Lion. With or without my male chastity device, I don’t get myself off, ever. I still really like my penis and I enjoy being hard. It’s a treat for me when Mrs. Lion turns my flaccid member into a hard sex toy.


  1. I have an emergency key but it’s kept at home in my Queen’s underwear drawer, ??. So as soon as I leave the house I have no key to remove the cage. I often wonder what could happen if I had a medical emergency while at work!! It would prove illuminating to the doctors and nurses. ?

    1. Author

      I used to worry about that. There are very few emergencies that would require immediate removal of a chastity device. Certainly, an MRI would if you’re wearing steel. Otherwise barring emergency surgery there will almost certainly be time for someone to bring the key and unlock you. Over the last nine or 10 months I’ve had a few surgical procedures. Since I knew about them in advance there was no problem removing the chastity device. Of course, my lack of body hair can’t be hidden. I never gave it a thought. Of course, no one mentioned it. It all comes down to owning who I am. I suppose that includes the chastity device too.

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