The Lion Who Has Everything

Yesterday was a weird day. It was gloomy and I thought it was supposed to be nice. The anniversary present I got for Lion arrived so I was excited to put it together. He’s wanted a hammock for a long time and I thought I found a nice one. Rather than being one of those that has a single pivot point  on each end which can send the hammock-ee ass over tea kettle (as my father would say), this one has two connections on each end to make it more stable. The problem, however, is that it’s too low for Lion to get out of. I know this because I tested it and my only method of getting out was rolling out onto the deck and standing up from there. That will not work for Lion. I’ll return it but now I need to figure out another anniversary present for him. Bummer.

After dinner, I felt like I’d eaten a bowling ball. My stomach wasn’t upset and Lion had made a very nice dinner, but I was very full. It was strange. We watched our busy Tuesday night TV schedule and just vegetated. When it was time to go to bed, I considered the cage and was about to suggest we postpone locking him up, when Lion asked if we could skip it for another day. Of course! Even if I had wanted it on him, I would have deferred because he asked.

No, Lion shouldn’t be able to dictate when he wears the cage. And he wasn’t. I was. If I really wanted him locked up, he would have been locked up. But, as I said, yesterday was a weird day. Lion was very apologetic when the hammock didn’t work out. I was disappointed. I tried to think of how to make it work. I tried to think of what to get the Lion who has everything if I returned the hammock. I tried to figure out the best way to return it since I’d been stupid and hadn’t ordered from Amazon. Nothing seemed to be working out very well.

I guess at that point, the obvious thing should have been to snuggle and make each other feel better. But I was still stuck on what to get Lion. Nothing affordable comes to mind. I have ideas for future gifts, assuming I can save up some money, but nothing right now. I know he doesn’t care what I get him. He’s worried about getting a present for me. I’ve already got the best present in the world. He’s an uncaged (at the moment) Lion.