Punishment Not Delayed

We managed to find a grill at Home Depot that was already built so we didn’t have to wait to start cooking. It doesn’t have the same bells and whistles as the one we saw online, but it’s got more burners and can kick the other grill’s ass. Lifting it out of the truck was very manageable and we got it positioned on the deck fairly easily. I put a propane tank on it and turned it on to burn off whatever manufacturing gunk might still be on it. It hit almost 700 degrees in about 15 minutes. Whew!

I had a friend stopping by so Lion took his shower and got dressed again before she arrived. While my friend was there I started our hamburgers, on our new grill, on our new deck. I don’t know how to explain to you how much we missed our deck. The old one was torn out about eight months ago. No grilling, no smoking, no feeding the poor backyard hummingbirds. Nothing. Now we’re back in business. It’s very exciting!

When I was done with my shower, I was tired. We did a lot yesterday. However, I managed to find the energy to swat Lion. I think the swats were harder than the night before but he yelped less. Go figure. Afterwards, Lion said I could have skipped the spanking if I was tired. No. He definitely needs swats to remember punishment day or he would keep forgetting.

Lion puts his medications and vitamins in snack bags so it’s easy to grab a morning set and an evening set. It helps him remember to take his pills. Unfortunately, with neuropathy in his fingers, he can’t feel the tiny little pills so I’ve been making his packets for him and last night was the night. I don’t know why some pills are enormous but only have a tiny amount of medicine in them while other pills are so tiny you can barely see them. By the time I got done with his medicine, it was past 10. The dog was pacing for her ice cream. It was too late to play and I’m not sure either of us was up for it anyway.

We continued to watch TV and, when bedtime rolled around, of course I had trouble getting to sleep. I can be falling asleep at work, tired once I get home, tired watching TV and the second it’s time for bed I’m awake. It’s dumb. I think tonight might be a good night to take a sleeping pill.