Excitement for Me

deck almost finished
This is the last unfinished portion of our deck. I can’t wait for it to be done so we can begin enjoying it again.

As I’ve said, we’re finally getting our deck done after months of being without it. They were supposed to be done Friday, but they’re finishing today. The tree that used to grow through the deck was removed, as was the hot tub. Now it looks like a huge expanse of deck. I told Lion we have a dance floor. What I’m sure is mundane to some people, is very exciting to me. We have a deck! We can grill again. We don’t have to worry about being bombed with pine cones. (I did love the tree though.) And we have sun streaming through the windows. (Which brings up the need for some sort of window treatment.)

Last night while I was edging Lion, I was thinking about WIIFM. That, of course, is What’s In It For Me. We’ve had some recent comments about Lion being demanding and, presumably, my getting left out in the cold. I was also wondering if my libido really is gone. I was thinking that I don’t feel the need to find sex elsewhere. I imagine that would be possible if my sexual needs weren’t being met at home. Since there are no sexual needs, it follows that there’s no need to wander. We’ve been watching “America’s Got Talent” on TV and there are many acts in which the guy has bulging muscles and no shirt. The women in the audience invariably scream when they see that. I admire the hard work it took to get those chiseled pecs, but it doesn’t turn me on.

In some respects, that’s good news. It doesn’t mean Lion doesn’t turn me on or that he’s dropping the ball when it comes to “servicing” me. He doesn’t turn me on because I cannot be turned on. There is no ball to drop. On the other hand, I wish there was. I have to take my excitement where I can get it like a new deck.

This is not a “poor me” post. I’m happy with Lion. We belong together. Through thick and thin.