Naked Is Best (For Me)

deck lion

Monday was the first summer day since June. The temperature got over 80. I like that even though I’m inside almost all the time nowadays. It’s still nice to feel summer. Before we moved to our current house, we lived in an isolated location where I could go out on our deck sans clothing. I loved that. Woods surrounded us. The deck made it feel like I was up in the trees.

Maybe I’m a repressed nudist. I do spend the vast majority of my time without any clothes on. I don’t have any desire to socialize with other naked people. To be fair, I don’t want to associate with people wearing clothing either. I guess I’m just not social.

Our current house is in a far more populated area. Our neighbors aren’t exactly close, but they could see me if I went out on our deck without clothing. Too bad. I enjoyed the sun on my skin. I didn’t stay out long enough to tan or burn, just enough to feel the warmth. I would also barbecue in the nude. We had a table and chairs on the deck. I don’t recall eating out there in the nude.


Mrs. Lion spends a good bit of her time without clothes. Even though she works at home, she dresses on workdays. I like the contrast of me naked and her dressed. It’s a subtle statement of our roles. It’s fun when she spanks or jerks me off when she is dressed. Same reason.

She also seems to prefer sex after dark. I can’t remember a time we did anything sexual before dinner. I’ve been spanked earlier in the day, but no sex. Even when Mrs. Lion says she will do stuff earlier, she doesn’t. Before we started living together, all of our sex was during the day.

I’d like to try some early fun. We’ll both be less tired, and the variety will be exciting. Since I’m naked anyway, no preparation is required. Convenient, huh?


  1. Naturists life I do miss but like loin Summer time during the morning for me unti told to getting dress it’s the practice of the house rule me naked and Mrs 427 is dress but it’s winter here in OZ ,so it the dressing gown at nights heated unit still allowing for Mrs to see her locked man

    1. Author

      We keep our house warm enough for me to be bare (well, on really cold days I wear a t-shirt) year round.

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