Edging and Spanking and a Troll, Oh My

We had a very nice teasing session last night. It left Lion very horny. Now he’s in his cage, wondering when he’ll get to come next. It’s only been a few days so I’d say the next orgasm is at least three or four days away. That’s if I’m nice. I may want him to wait a little longer this time around. No reason. Just a whim. And that’s all it has to be.

Before we played, I was wondering where our hairbrush-type paddle is. I think it’s in the camper. However, I do have a short paddle in the kitchen that could work for the new position of being behind him yanking on weenie and the boys. I have no idea if the kitchen paddle is meaner than the hairbrush. It has squarer edges that may hurt more. I guess we’ll find out.

Now I’d like to address a troll who leaves comments from time to time. His latest comment deals with my, apparently, insatiable desire to draw blood when I spank Lion. First I started off sadistically spanking him. I made his butt red and that wasn’t enough. I needed to see marks and bruising. And soon that wasn’t enough. I needed to “see blood to get the same rush. Jeffrey and Ted were like that.” On a first name basis with serial killers, are we?

[Lion — I delete his sick posts.]

Lion wants to be spanked. It’s just one of the deviant services I provide for him. I’m assuming your tender constitution doesn’t agree with oral sex either. Straight missionary for you, I’ll bet. That’s fine. To each his own. Yup. I don’t think you’re weird for wanting your sex however you want it. You see, I have an open mind. Try to pry yours open too.

Back to the business at hand. I found myself hoping Lion had forgotten to remind me of punishment day. I reviewed our emails and there it was; the first email. Darn! I thought maybe he slipped up and a punishment was due. I jokingly told him I was going to write a randomizer program (it turns out there are apps for that) so I could switch up punishment days in a given week. It’s no fun when he doesn’t get himself into trouble. I really do need to come up with new rules.


  1. Think of things Lion does that annoy you—bingo you have a rule!! My Queen hated a song I used to sing all the time. I haven’t sung that song at home in a long while! It just isn’t worth it. She doesn’t like that I will chew gum and sometimes have my lips apart, bang another rule. I think Lion is lucky to have you in his life!!

    1. I am lucky! And grateful.

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