Locked And Loaded In My Chastity Device

my penis in the cherry keeper
I’m back in the custom Cherry Keeper.

Enforced male chastity is full of ironies. After a couple of days running around wild, I was locked into my Cherry Keeper. While I was wild, I had no real interest in sex. Nary an erection that whole time. Thursday morning, I have that vague ache that signals I would love sexual stimulation. That’s certainly not going to happen for the obvious reason that even if I wanted to do it myself, the chastity device isn’t going to let me.

Part of the reason I’m feeling frisky is that I got some badly needed sleep Wednesday night. After dinner, I snoozed for well over an hour. Actually, I didn’t fall asleep as soon as we finished eating. I was wide awake while Mrs. Lion took her shower and afterward when she gave me my second installment spanking.

tenderizer paddle on lion's butt
The heavy tenderizer paddle. Mrs. Lion drew blood with it on Wednesday night.

She likes me to be wide-awake when I’m punished. On Wednesday night, she used the heavy tenderizer paddle. I was not only wide-awake, but absolutely not in the mood for spanking. Of course, this is exactly the way Mrs. Lion wants it. I’m not supposed to be having fun when I am punished.

This is the reason we do multiple-day punishments. More often than I would like to admit, the first spanking, while painful, is also kind of exciting. The second one, if it follows within a day or so of the first, isn’t exciting at all. It’s something I would prefer to miss. The reason I was spanked was because I forgot to remind Mrs. Lion that last Saturday was one of our punishment days. Yesterday, Thursday, was a punishment day too. I made sure to remind her in my very first email of the morning. I didn’t want to take any chances I could forget and end up with at least three more days of painful spankings.

In case you wonder, I’m writing this post during the day on Thursday. I know that I have at least one more, probably several more, spankings coming for forgetting punishment day.

Here I am, sitting in front of my computer feeling horny and a bit annoyed that I’m going to have to expose my bare bottom for more painful spanking later today. I’m horny because I’m locked up in a chastity device, not because I’m going to be beaten tonight. I genuinely wish this chastity device was sitting on my nightstand instead of locked around my penis. I also wish I didn’t have to be spanked again.

I have to admit that multi-day spankings make me think about the errors of my ways and increase my resolve to avoid another series of sore bottoms. How about that? I’m reacting to FLRD the way I should. I have to admit that if I just get one spanking for breaking a rule, I don’t give much thought to mending my ways. Now that I am anticipating at least three spankings, I’m putting in a lot of time thinking about avoiding getting into this trouble again.

I’m also thinking about how nice it would be to get out of this chastity device. Well, I’m not seriously thinking about that. I know that if it wasn’t on me, I would miss it and I probably wouldn’t be feeling horny. Maybe I just need a nap.