More Sleep; Less Pain

Lion has his days and nights confused. He’s been sleeping a lot during the day and then can’t sleep at night. We haven’t had anywhere to be so it’s okay, but tomorrow he has an appointment with a nurse at the hospital to discuss pain meds. This wouldn’t be so bad if he hadn’t covered this before his surgery. Supposedly pain management put a plan in place to deal with post-op pain. Apparently the surgical team isn’t beholden to pain management

This morning Lion reminded me it was punishment day. The only problem is that it isn’t. Tomorrow is. For some reason I had my days straight and Lion didn’t. It’s usually the other way around. I give him credit for trying. He’s really been trying to follow his rules even if they aren’t in effect right now.

I think Lion is getting stronger every day. He seems less wobbly. Sure, he’s still sleeping a lot but when he gets up, he’s doing better. I think his getting out of the hospital is responsible. He doesn’t have to fight with me when he wants to get up. I just help him. He’s able to control the position of the bed better too. In the hospital, the controls were on the bed rails which were hard to reach. At home, he has a remote for it. He has more television channels to watch, or sleep through as the case may be. The only thing lacking is room service. The variety of food isn’t as great, but I get him anything we have whenever he wants it.

I predict that Lion will be a little more self-sufficient by Monday. He may still need the walker but he won’t need me to be hovering nearby. Obviously he’ll need me to get him food but he’ll do better at personal care. And then I further predict that he’ll start feeling horny by the following Monday. Maybe I’m being optimistic but it’s good to have goals.