Chocolate Milkshake to the Rescue

Lion didn’t manage to write a post for today. He may be steadier on his feet but he doesn’t feel well enough to be on his feet much. He thought about sitting at his desk to write a post today while I changed the bed. Neither has happened so far.

I ventured out to get more pain meds this afternoon. We finally convinced the surgical team and hospital pharmacy that Lion’s primary care physician could prescribe the pain meds as we’d asked for on Tuesday. I also looked for food that Lion might like. In the hospital, he loved the turkey dinner. I bought a few versions of frozen turkey dinners. Nothing has tasted good to him for a few days. I’m hoping the turkey does the trick. I just made his favorite go-to chocolate milkshake. If nothing else, he’ll get some nutrients from the milk and the ice cream.

Last night, Lion said he might be feeling the first twinges of horniness. Fingers crossed. His cages are still on his nightstand waiting for him to feel better. Actually, the locking cock ring could go on anytime. It doesn’t pinch and doesn’t restrict peeing. If he starts giving me any guff he might find himself locked in it sooner than he expected.

I think today is just a minor setback. He’ll be back on the road to recovery by tonight. The chocolate milkshake will do it. The next step is getting him to sleep less during the day and more at night. Little by little he’ll get there.