I’ve been training someone to do my job while I’m taking care of Lion. It’s impossible to train her for every aspect of my job in two weeks but I’ve done what I can. Besides, if she screws it up it just proves how much they need me. And I’ll have job security while I dig out of whatever problems there are when I return. Of course, if they had allowed me to work from home, there would be fewer issues but they are backward thinking people. One thing I’m sure of is that once I leave the office on Friday, I’m not answering any calls from work.

Not that we’re planning for doomsday or anything, but we are putting the finishing touches on getting ready for Lion’s surgery. We’ll make another Costco run this weekend. Either this weekend or Monday, we’ll run to a few other out-of-the-way stores for more supplies. We got bagels last weekend. We should be good.

I am preparing for Lion’s appetite to be wonky. When he’s had anesthesia nothing tastes right to him. Once, he survived about a week on nothing more than chocolate milkshakes. Not to worry. I have chocolate ice cream on hand for just such emergencies. And I can run out for more. He’s not going to need round the clock care for more than a few days, if that. I’m mostly around for moral support and to make sure he doesn’t do too much. Depending on how much pain medicine he needs, I may have to steady his walk to the bathroom. Other than that I don’t think he’ll be very helpless.

Between now and then, we’re maintaining the status quo. Lion had his orgasm the other night so I assume he’ll start to get horny by tonight. I’ll unlock my weenie and give him some stretching and tugging exercises. “The boys” will get massaged and enjoy their freedom from the cock ring. If Lion is horny enough, I’ll edge him. If he’s not, we’ll just snuggle and watch TV. Not a bad plan for a Wednesday night.