Solitary Confinement

Lion and I had trouble sleeping Sunday and Monday night. By yesterday I was really tired. I decided to delay Lion’s punishment until today to give us time to get caught up on sleep. Lion said he would have preferred to get it over with. Too bad. I’m trying to be nice. It turns out he didn’t sleep well last night either. Can’t win. Barring any unforeseen complications, he’ll be sitting on the punishment stool with Icy Hot on his balls tonight.

I wasn’t sure my arm could handle playing last night but I gave it a shot anyway. I didn’t bother to unlock him from the locking cock ring. He was hard in no time. I still don’t think I like playing with him while he’s locked up but it is doable. Eventually I had to stop jerking him off and move into oral ministration position. Lion didn’t mind. It sill hurt my arm so I had to give up completely after a short time.

Lion said it felt good and he wasn’t upset that he didn’t get to the edge. I bet he wouldn’t go so far as to say that any attention is welcome, but he especially likes oral attention.

In the past, Lion has said that extending his wait might be a suitable punishment. When I mentioned it yesterday, he changed his mind. Apparently making him wait would just be part of the game. If I really want to punish him by waiting, I’d have to do it without giving him any attention at all. Just lock him in the Jail Bird and let him stew in his own juices for a while. Solitary confinement, if you will. I’m not sure I’m that mean. He’d have to do something really horrible to get that punishment. Maybe if he masturbated himself to orgasm. Still, I’d really have to think about it before I’d punish him that way.

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  1. Mrs. Lion,

    To many, perhaps including Mr. Lion, what you are contemplating would not be mean at all. Tough for Mr. Lion to get through a period of solitary confinement? You bet! Knowing Solitary was imposed and enforced by you and not knowing when the term might be up? Priceless!


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