We’re still without power. We haven’t been very physical. We also need showers. That’s not why. Mrs. Lion has been achy from the extra work the blackout has created. I admit that I’ve been tired too. However, I find myself pretty horny.j Oh well.  My lack of a shower is no obstacle. Sex for me, after all, is at arm’s length.

I have a theory about why I haven’t been able to have a second ruined orgasm a few minutes after the first. One of the key enablers for additional ruined orgasms is that the semen supply isn’t exhausted by the aborted ejaculation. My semen supply is very low, so the initial ruined orgasm uses it all up.

This is just a theory. In order to prove, or disprove it, next time she gives me one, Mrs. Lion should continue stimulating me even if I don’t think I will come again. Just a thought.

By the way, I love being jerked off. Every now and then someone wonders if I don’t feel deprived because so much of my sex life is manual. I don’t. Of course I love oral, who doesn’t? About a third of my orgasms are oral. If you factor in the edging, over 90% of my sexual activity is provided by Mrs. Lion’s hand. Sometimes she tickles my balls at the same time. I love that.

I’m very lucky that Mrs. Lion works so hard to give me sex. I know she does it just because it makes me happy. She does!