Power Struggle

I guess it’s my fault. I’ve been thinking about getting in better shape. I need to lose weight but my primary goal is to be better able to do things without hurting. Yesterday was one of the days I needed to be able to do things.

We had to buy a new generator. It weighs 196 pounds. We had to maneuver it out of the truck and put it together. We had to put gas in it. These new “safer” gas cans are a pain in the neck. I’m sure they work well for putting gas in a car, but for filling anything else, they are difficult. Trying to hold a five gallon can while aiming at a three inch hole and having to put the correct amount of pressure on the nozzle is hell on your back and hips.

I spilled gas all over the generator and myself. Lion yelled that I was spilling it. I yelled that I was doing the best I could. It amazes me that he thinks we work well together in these situations. Despite all the yelling and difficulties, we got the generator running and all the extension cords run.

I started off the day with a headache and ended with back and hip pains. It still hurts to move but the generator will need more gas soon. And, when all this over, we have to undo everything. I guess this proves my theory that I need to get into better shape.

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  1. Mrs. Lion, those new gas cans don’t do anything well. At all. Well, maybe they are good at annoying people who use them and causing gas spills. We are in our early 60’s and use a compact tractor to keep the property up. Ours is the diesel version (same thing but yellow) and it has eliminated the stress and strain of lifting a full 5 gallon fuel container chest high and waiting forever and a day for it to empty itself into the tractor. We paid $150 for ours (D’oh!) – this is a good deal and less than a trip to the chiropractor.


    Take care of yourselves!


    1. Author

      Excellent! Lion did a little digging and found a pump that will attach to our existing cans. We can also use it to empty out the generator when the gas gets old. Neither of these ideas occurred to me.

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