Lion made it through our football zapping game yesterday. It helped that there weren’t many points scored. None by our stupid team. They did, however, have at least ten penalties so Lion paid the price for those. He waited until after the game to fall asleep, although I think I may have woken him up with at least one zap. Maybe I just surprised him.

Lion is heading to the doctor today. I hope he’ll get answers about his cough and nausea. This needs to stop. He needs to feel better. It’s been dragging on too long.

Today is also the day the new locking cock ring is supposed to arrive. People have been confused by my calling it a cageless cage. That’s what it looks like to me. It’s the Jail bird without the cage. “What’s the point of that?” you might ask. I wonder too. But I do understand it a little. It will give Lion the feeling that he’s wearing a cage even though it’s just a cock ring. I hope it won’t pinch him. I also hope it’s not too hard to put on. I hate wrestling with cages. The one thing I want is for Lion to feel whatever it is he needs to feel with the cage.

I’m still not sure how I can play with him with the cock ring on. I mean, I know he can get hard. I just worry the ring will be in the way. I guess we’ll find out later. I’m sure he won’t want to waste any time putting it on. He might even put it on before I get home. I know he’s very excited about it.