first chastity device
This is the first cage that Mrs. Lion locked on me. It was way too big. I’m getting hard in this picture.
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It’s five years since Mrs. Lion locked me into a Chinese chastity device. You can see it (right). It had a hinged base ring. The hinge pinched my tender scrotum. The device was barely wearable. Somehow I managed to keep it on for the first few months. It did come off for a week at a time to allow sores from the split ring to heal. The long cage made accurate peeing impossible. Mrs. Lion persevered. I had no choice.

lion's penis in first jail bird
The first image published here. It was me in my new Jail Bird. Still too long, it served well for many months.
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I was very excited to be locked up. This was the culmination of years of dreaming about sexual control. That cage stayed on until February when I got my first Mature Metal Jail Bird. In fact, the first image published on the blog was of me wearing this device (left).

This device was very comfortable and I wore it for years. The cage itself was too long. My urethra was rarely in contact with the top of the cage. As a result, every time I had to pee standing up, I first used a Q-Tip to maneuver my penis to center the urethra in the opening.

Day-to-day wearing was very comfortable. Occasionally, I would have to adjust my underwear to stop a minor pinch. Rarely, the cage had to come off for a day or two to let an irritation heal.

I learned that Mature Metal could adjust cages at a reasonable cost. I asked about shortening my cage. They agreed to do it. After careful measurement, Mrs. Lion suggested that we go from the 1-3/4 inch length to 1-1/4 inches. We sent the cage off and I was a wild lion for a few weeks.

shortened jail bird
This is my Jail Bird with the cage shortened to 1-1/4 inches. Now my urethra poked out almost all the time.
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The rebuilt cage was a much better fit (right). My urethra poked out of the center hole nearly all them time. Every inch of my penis was in firm contact with the cage. It’s surprisingly comfortable to wear. I was surprised to learn that a very short cage is much more comfortable than a longer one. In fact, cage length isn’t a critical measurement. Almost any man can comfortably wear a cage 1-1/2 inches long or less.

The critical measurements are the diameter of the base ring and the diameter of the cage. If either is too small, the cage will be uncomfortable and difficult to wear.

Over all these years, I never masturbated when allowed to be wild. I’ve been trained to keep my paws off my penis. Even a stubborn, old lion learns after years of his penis being locked in a cage.

I really like that Mrs. Lion has total control over my penis. It’s her toy. This is true whether or not it is locked in a little cage. I prefer being locked up. Though the presence of a device makes no difference in my ability to have sexual pleasure.

Right now, I’m wild. Instead of a cage, I will be locked into a special cock ring. Unlike the cage, it allows me to get hard and even play with myself. I won’t do that. I’m well trained. If, for some reason, I “forget”, the Jail Bird is waiting in my underwear drawer.



  1. I appreciate your tips on sizing – absolutely right on width and length. I was particularly anxious about width, since MCN can’t adjust it. Your tips helped immensely.

    1. Author

      Thanks. Have fun.

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