Lion is Feeling Better. Zzzzzzzzz….

This morning, I participated in Wreaths Across America. Volunteers lay wreaths on military graves simultaneously in all national cemeteries. I had no idea there were national cemeteries except for Arlington before we moved out here and I saw a sign for the local one. It turns out my uncle is buried in a national cemetery in Pennsylvania. For a few years I’d been seeing information on Facebook for Wreaths Across America but always managed to see it after the event had taken place. This year, I vowed to take part in it in memory of my uncles, and in honor of my son who is active duty Army. I’m glad I went and I’ll do it again in the future. I laid my wreath at the marker for a sergeant from World War I. Thank you for your service, sir.

Other than my outing this morning, there’s not much going on. Lion is still sick. He’s been battling nausea for a few days. Since he’s had a productive cough for so long, I wondered if he might have pneumonia. I know he got vaccinated but that never means you’re guaranteed not to get it. He’s going to the doctor on Monday. My mind says he’s fine but my heart says he should be checked out.

My cough/sniffles/sinus pain probably started out with the CPAP and now I’ve got a cold. Generally I’ll have a cold for a month or more. I normally don’t get really sick, although I will be more listless than usual. In some respects it would be better if I’d just give in to it and let it run its course. But if Lion is sick and I can manage to get my butt out of bed, I’m the one who does the cooking, cleaning, pet feeding, etc.

I assume (and I’m not really assuming, I’m telling) we won’t be doing any waxing this weekend. Every time Lion announces he thinks he’s feeling better, he collapses into a coughing fit or falls asleep for a long nap. I’m not buying it. I told him to keep his fuzzy buns in bed while I was gone this morning. He managed to get himself some breakfast but he did stay in bed the rest of the time. And I am no longer going to make any more predictions about his feeling better or what we’ll do once that happens. He’ll be well when he’s well and we’ll go from there.

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