shock collar on Lion's balls
The “Zapper” of Zapardy. This device shocks lion’s balls when he misses a question. I control it with my smartphone.

Today is my first day back to work full time since Lion’s surgery. I probably could have gotten away with leaving him alone for a longer period of time last week, but he still wasn’t really able to do a lot. I figured if he felt well enough to go back to work this week then he’s well enough to take care of himself. For the most part, he’ll be working from home so it should be fairly easy on him.

We’re slowing easing our way back into normalcy. I swatted him for the first time in a long time the other night. Last night we were going to play Zapardy, but I was in some pain from mowing the lawn so we pushed that off till tonight. So far I haven’t made him wait for an orgasm. I edge him a few times and then let him come. Once I get to yummy creme filling, I’ll make him wait a while between orgasms.

I’m sure he wants to jump right back into things full speed. That’s the Lion way. I’d rather do things slower. Why rush? I know he’s worried we’ll lose what it took all those years to gain if we wait too long. He just needs to trust me. We’ll get there.

He’s right in one respect. I did take it easy on him when I swatted him. I probably could have hit longer or harder. And I even gave him a pass last night when he was worried about getting something on his shirt at dinner. It was such a nice night and I wanted him to enjoy sitting on the deck, eating our “picnic”. It turns out he didn’t spill anything anyway.

Tonight we’ll play Zapardy. I have to figure out a reward for him. It’s been so long since we’ve played, I can’t remember if I’m supposed to reward him for each correct answer, or just for getting more correct than incorrect. It’s hard enough for me to come up with one reward, let alone a bunch of smaller rewards. And I don’t even know what he considers a reward. He won’t use any of his coupon rewards I’ve given him. Oh well. We’ll figure it out.


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    I hope he doesn’t miss too many questions . His poor ball will glow in the dark all night

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