Last night Lion suggested that if he selects the blindfold plus another choice from the Box O’Fun, I shouldn’t tell him what that second choice is. He will, after all, be blindfolded. He shouldn’t know what’s coming. I sort of like his knowing what’s coming. But I do understand his logic. It makes sense. From now on, we’ll do it that way when he picks the blindfold.

The next idea, however, is all mine. I’m going to remove Icy Hot and and menthol rub cards from the box. They never seem to work out well. The Icy Hot that did nothing for my knee almost made Lion want to chop his balls off. Last night’s blue menthol “fun” didn’t end well. I tried to menthol his cock. He couldn’t feel it there. When I put it on his balls it was too much and he had to wash it off.

Things didn’t go very well at all last night. Even his ruined orgasm was almost ruined. How do you ruin a ruined orgasm? It almost turned into a full orgasm. He was too horny and I was overzealous. Ironically, I had thought about giving him a full orgasm but decided against it at the last second.

What I’ve noticed from the last few ruined orgasms is that Lion has produced a good amount of semen. It’s like he’s having a full orgasm. In the past, even his full orgasms haven’t produced consistently. Maybe he finds the prospect of a ruined orgasm as sexier than a full one. Maybe I’ve just been pushing him harder to the edge. Maybe he’s just in a hormonal period that he’s prone to produce more semen. No idea. All I know is I like it.