Next Time, Please Read The Label

Lion's balls burned bright red
Mrs. Lion appled industrial strength Icy Hot to my cock and balls. They really were this color for over an hour. This is the actual color, no retouching at all!
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Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday forecast Icy Hot on my penis and or balls last night. True to her word, she fetched a tube of Icy Hot cream and Icy Hot roll-on. She mentioned that she might get some on her hand. I suggested she put on a rubber glove. She shook her head no. Then she picked up the roll-on and drew a stripe down the seam in the middle of my scrotum. She then drew one on each side of the first, covering almost the entire scrotum. Then, she painted my penis too.

Within a minute, my balls felt like they were on fire. The pain was incredible. Annoyingly, my cock stayed hard. I begged Mrs. Lion to let me wash it off.

Maximum strength Icy Hot
This is the “convenient” roll on that Mrs. Lion used. Notice that it says “Maximum Strength”. That’s 16% Menthol. Regulare Icy Hot, which she decided not to use is 6% Menthol.

She said that she thought it couldn’t be washed off. Through clenched teeth I reminded her that menthol can be mostly washed off. She agreed and let me do my best to get it off.

I ran to the bathroom, got a washcloth and tried to rinse it off. It wasn’t helping. I tried using soap. Eventually, the burn receded to a barely-bearable level and I returned to bed.

I asked Mrs. Lion if my balls were red. She said they were. I asked her to take a picture. You can see it on this post. That’s accurate color.

I’ve had Icy Hot on my balls before, but it never burned like this.When my eyes stopped watering, I read the labels on both the roll on and the cream. The cream was 6% menthol, the roll on 16%, almost 3 times stronger! No wonder!

Mrs. Lion said that she didn’t realize the roll on was stronger. We found out. My balls were bright enough to guide Santa’s sleigh! I.asked her that now she knows it’s so strong, will she use it again. She smiled and said,

“Of course.”


  1. I am used to regular extra strength Icy Hot cream. I don’t want to imagine the liquid stuff.

    1. Incidentally the cream we use is 30% methyl salicylate with 10% menthol. It makes me want to jump. 16% would have quite the impact!

      1. Author

        I jumped! Wow that burns and the burn sets in very fast. The liquid formula soaks right into the skin. All Mrs. Lion has to do is wave that roll on at me and I will do anything she wants.

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