Always Keep Him Guessing

Lion's box of penalties
Lion’s Box O’Fun.

One of Lion’s favorite things was mixed with one of his least favorites last night. He picked the blindfold card from the Box O’Fun, which requires another choice to go with it. His second choice was Icy Hot.

Oooooh! Too bad.

The thing we discovered last time he chose the blindfold was that he shouldn’t know what the second card is. Duh! It basically nullifies the blindfold. The problem with Icy Hot is that it stinks. I figured he’d know the second I took the cap off. I overlooked the fact that I don’t apply anything else to his balls or perineum so he knew from feeling it long before the smell or burning took place. Oh well. Maybe next time the blindfold is chosen it won’t be so obvious right away. [Lion — It wasn’t obvious immediately. When I felt the cold on my perineum, I guessed what was coming.]

I didn’t put as much on as I did last time because I knew I wanted to give him oral again and I didn’t want Icy Hot all over his balls and then all over my face. I also set a five-minute timer. He’d have to deal with the burning until the timer went off. No running to wash it off right away. I don’t think he had any trouble with it. It burned but nothing he couldn’t stand. [Lion — It wasn’t too bad this time.]

Despite Lion’s objections, my weenie was happy about the Icy Hot. I went to wash my hands, came back and he was standing at attention. I guess Lion was a horny boy. And that trend continued into his blow job. I edged him three times. Three times I got him very, very, very close to the edge. Very close. If I had gone one more stroke I think it would have been too much. He’ll be that much hornier tonight.

As usual, I have no idea how long it’s been since his last orgasm. All I know is that last night wasn’t time. And tonight might not be it either. Always keep him guessing. [Lion — Last night it was 5 days.]