Football Weekend Fun 2

We didn’t make it to see “Bohemian Rhapsody” yesterday. It seems like every other week when we lift the garbage cans into the back of my truck, I manage to get a muscle strain. Some weeks ago it was my neck. Two weeks ago was a mild back strain. This week it was my knee. It’s clear the garbage is trying to kill us. Yesterday it hurt to bend my knee; it hurt not to bend my knee; it just hurt. There was no way I could sit still long enough for a movie. I figure it will feel better by Tuesday night and, for whatever reason, the tickets are cheaper then too.

Since my knee was bothering me, I wasn’t really able to put my back into the football swats. I’m not really sure I would have hit him any harder for the point swats. Sacks and fumbles with the tenderizer side could have been harder though. It took a while to get the zapper dialed in to the correct strength. It all depends on how the contacts are hitting. I think I have to do some work with the Velcro strap to make it fit better. However, we do have a new shock collar coming so maybe I can just adjust both at the same time.

It’s true that I zapped Lion less and less as the game went on. For a while, it seemed like every play had a penalty. One penalty against the Seahawks shouldn’t have been a penalty so I just hit the vibrate button. I couldn’t see zapping him for a blown call.

I used the new tenderizer paddle to swat him for the points. The first time I got up and hobbled around the bed to swat him. After that he suggested I try without moving from the bed. I think the first few scores weren’t a big deal for Lion. The angle was odd but the longer handle on the new paddle helped. He said it felt thuddier. I guess that’s a good thing. I’ve never been able to figure out what implement will provide a sting or a thud.

Next week I’ll try the paddle again when I’m able to walk more easily. I’m sure I’ll be able to deliver stronger tenderizer swats for sacks and fumbles when I’m standing.